Monday, October 30, 2006


My Thoughts On Dog School...

Need I say more? Well I'm gonna. Tonight blew, the teacher lady had to show my lady how to give a "proper correction", let's just say I did not care for that. Yanking me dang near off my feet (ok not really, but it seemed like it) in front of the ENTIRE class, how embarrassing. Apparently this woman doesn't understand that I am not like these other dogs, I am Husky & should be treated as such. Admired from a distance by the others, who would of course bring me chicken treats...Oh sorry, that happens sometimes, anyway, as if all that wasn't bad enough, the new torture technique is that they showed my lady how to make me lay down by squeezing a spot under my shoulder blades & basically yanking me down (more with the yanking, are you all seeing the a pattern here?), not liking this at all & everydog should know that I protested & woooed in true Husky form, I wasn't going down without a fight & then, that damned teacher showed this "Vulcan DeathGrip" & I'm ashamed to say that I was momentarily defeated.
By now, I've gotten a little tired, (hey you guys try & wrestle a full grown human for an hour, it ain't easy) so I agreed to "comply" for a while & laid down, still she wasn't happy now wanted me back up, oh this sooooo stinks! Did I mention this goes on for like a good hour.
There is one good thing that is coming out of it all though, the lady & man spend even more time with us before our walks, yes it means we have to do homework, but we are outside of the fence so it's not so bad. Plus, I overheard the lady talking with the man about the dog park, I think we're getting closer! Well goodnight everydog, I'm VERY exhausted (next to the stupid white poodle again this week).
Sweet Dream of Chickeny Things, Macie the Mighty Defiant One

Tuesday, October 24, 2006



Ok, it's apparent, life as we knew it is now over. We thought this dog school was a one night a week thing. Oh how naive we are! It seems that the rule following is going to continue into our walks, now that's just wrong! Instead of pull, drag, pull, it's walk, stop, sit, walk, stop, sit, totally ruins the walk all together. And they won't let us be next to each other anymore either, we have to walk at their sides, this is just not right, we are Huskies, for cryin' out loud, we want to pull & lead, this is all very wrong, completely against our nature!!!!! They call this homework, we've heard others talk about their humans having it & now we truly understand the full suckiness of it all! We hope you all understand the severity of how there had better be a dog park at the end of this or the revolting will be catastrophic!

Monday, October 23, 2006


About These Dog Classes...

Let us just begin with the fact that there are no others like us at the dog classes. Not that this is totally bad as we are the fluffiest ones there. However, there is this one dog that belongs to the teacher lady, so NOT nice! You would think the teachers dog would at least be well behaved, not so much. We steered clear from her grumpy butt. Speaking of butts, no sniffing of any at all tonight, can you all believe that?! We even insisted that our lady brush our rears real good as we just knew there would be sniffing, and no, none! So none of us even got to properly introduce ourselves, that's a bunch of cat hooey if you ask us. There was also this little white poodle, we don't know what in the heck was wrong with the little guy but he kept standing on his hind legs & wailin' his front paws around and cry, man this dog could cry! We had to be separated right off the bat ourselves, we had a little trouble concentrating when we were to close. But we got the hang of it all pretty quick, prance around in a circle & look fluffy & then stop for a minute for praise & admiration & then prance around some more...If this is all it takes to get to the dog park, we can do it! Well fellow dogsters, we are beat, all that "following rules" stuff is exhausting! It's getting down to 28 tonight so we're pretty excited to get out & "cool" off, the lady's got the stupid heat on in here tonight, grow some fur lady!!! Dreaming of Snow, Macie & Malechai

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Why Can't Everyday Be Saturday?!

WooWoo Puparoos! Today has been an excellent day! As soon as the lady got up we got to come in & spent the WHOLE morning loungin' around with her. She made us some tasty eggs & cheese with our breakfast & then treated us to a rawhide bone for a mid morning snack. Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, her & the man got out the leashes & we got to take them for a really long walk. We've been doing a much better job on our walks (we were hoping they might reconsider the dog class thing). Afterwards she got the mower thingy out & cut our yard (she stepped in so much poop she even had it on her jeans, we found this very amusing!).

Once we felt the yard had been maintenanced to our liking, we decided they could have a break. This is the man & the only reason we care is, see that glass he has, it has SPRITE in it! We care for Sprite very much!

Here we are having a little lick of this wonderful liquid, looks like water, but oh man is it better!

I was really enjoying my drink......And then Macie had to inform me that she had licked her butt right before her drink (of course she was first). She said she thought the man would be taking the next drink, either way she's just RUDE & HATEFUL!
Kinda ruined the rest of it for me.
Blogger is being stupid so we will post this one & try again...

Sometimes blogger is a real pain, just saying for instance...

So anyway, after our cool beverage, things took a serious turn, it started to rain, yuck! The only good part is, see the leg on the left, that's our lady & those are her "sleepy pants", what that means to us is that she's not going anywhere so we'll at least get to hang out in the livingroom, not a bad thing really.

Once inside, the lady had yet ANOTHER treat for us (she must really be feelin' guilty), a big knuckle bone, woowoowoo! What better way to waste away a rainy afternoon, knawin' on a good bone. While chewing away we had a thought though, if this is a "knuckle bone" we don't want to see the hand that it musta belonged to, we wonder if that means there's giants in our area too, boy we sure hope not!

We also got to get in a couple rounds of bite the ladies arm off, that's always fun, rain or shine.

And now the night has come to an end & we are pooped! It has been a wonderful Saturday & we're close to forgiving the lady for all this working junk. We'll see how well she does tomorrow!

Good night everypup, sweet non rainy dreams to everyone, hopefully it will have stopped raining when we wake up & it will be nice & cold (hey a dog can dream!). Face Licks, Macie & Malechai

Thursday, October 19, 2006



Hi everyhusky! Sorry, we haven't been able to post lately. Our lady owns something called a trophy store & apparently Oct-Nov is JFL & fall soccer season. All this means to us is that she works ridiculous hours (really, she leaves at dark & comes home after bedtime). We sooooo want work to be banned! So you won't hear from us nearly as often for a few weeks, boooo hiss! Quick updates before she leaves for work again, last Friday was our 7 month birthday(on Friday the 13th, think that's a sign?) & we got great big huge bones (least she could do). We also broke out the glass in the ladies curio cabinet, total accident, FightClub casualty, she didn't get mad, she was just glad we didn't get cut. They have "fixed" our yard, what a mess! One side is that hard stuff & now the rest of the yard has some kind of log looking things that are nailed into the ground, the fence WILL NOT move. Oh well, we had decided to give all that a rest for awhile anyway. Oh ya, on our birthday we got a rabbit, stupid thing came in our yard, what did it expect?! We can't be sure exactly who caught it, it all happened so fast, when the lady came out to check on us we had allready played tug-o-war with it (those things don't stretch very well). Lets just say we each had half a bunny. She decided not to photograph this as it was kinda gross (to her anyway). So the 7 month b-day was good all around. The rain has finally left so we get to be outside again AND the ground is nice & soft so we've resumed digging to look for that Alaskan Pipeline, it's going pretty good, although we think we're probably still in our yard, drat it all! We found out for sure that we do have grubs here, the lady turned up a couple big rocks & there one was, she said now she wonders if that's not what we've been digging for all along, HELLO STUPID HUMAN! And lastly, 4 more days till puppy classes, we will definately make her let us post about that. Please let there be some others like us there (at least she won't be able to work late on those nights!) Is it the end of Nov. yet?! We have to run now & make her play with us for a little while before she leaves. We miss you all! Macie & Malechai

Thursday, October 12, 2006


OK, so maybe we're a little "large"

Well, it's pretty apparent that we've grown, the question is becoming, just how large are we going to get? We're starting to get a little concerned with our size. We didn't relies that we were already heavier than a lot of you full grown Huskies. Heck, how are we supposed to know, we've never even met another one of us yet, we've only seen pictures of all of you. After getting "weigh in's" from the Ao4, Turbo & Althea, we made our lady get our papers out from the breeder to insure that indeed, we are 100% Husky (and of course we are) and not part Malamute. So that poses the question, could it possibly be the chicken treats, (oh please, say no)? Or maybe it's the cottage cheese, sardines, salmon or eggs (we won't even get into the fruits)?! What do you all think?
Face Licks, M&M aka The Mooses

PS Day one of "behaving" & we have to say, THIS BLOWS! We are going to really try though, the lady keeps talking about some padded room place that we're "driving" her to (as if we can drive, geesh!) & that they don't allow Huskies to come visit there, we don't want her to go there, then we'd be stuck with the man!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Boy are we in trouble!

We saw that our "Mom" got on our blog to whine about us. Shame on her! So we've gotten out a few times, what's the big deal, we don't go in the street, pretty much we just go down to the river & follow the beach up to our "Grandma's" house. Two bedtimes ago the man put more of those stake thingys in the yard & thought he had it taken care of again, NOT! He left one section with only one stake & guess what, yep, out we went. This time the next door neighbors brought us home. Here we thought they were being soooo nice bringing us out a treat, we should've known it was just a ploy to get hold of us. They only had 1 leash so the man neighbor carried one of us back, boy was he out of breath, it was pretty funny, we thought. So back in the kitchen we went. Well, neither of us appreciated the tone that our lady had with us when she left for the day, so we waited till she was gone, jumped the gate & shredded everything in sight! Even dug up some more plants & ate a couple playstation games. When the man got home, we're pretty sure his head started spinning, he was screaming & carrying on. Then he called our lady & she rushed right home (she doesn't like it when he hollers at us). When she got here, he was already outside with some big contraption putting bags of some kinda dirt in it & then dumping it all along our fence, crap, the gig may be up this time! Sure enough, when she let us out this morning there was hard junk all along our fence! Now how are we supposed to get out?! We wooed about it last night & decided to give it a rest for a little while, we actually made the lady cry & well, we do kinda like her, she scolds the man when he yells at us, buys us cool toys & bones & always gives us loves when she gets home no matter what we've done! So we're going to try & be good for a little while. If you all see the lady on here again though, tell her to get off, this is a DOGS blog, not to be infiltrated by whining humans!


Hi again everyone, M&M's Mom here. So I get home from work & my husband has the concrete mixer out (NEVER a good thing). Yes, he has now concreted the fence into the ground. I guess that's better than concreting my dogs into the ground. Of course it poured here last night, I don't know how this effects concrete (I'm afraid to look)...What a mess! Thank you all for your help, AGAIN! We will now return to our normally scheduled program, "The Demon Dogs", but I do love them!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


A Desperate Cry For HELP!

Hi everyone, the pups Mom here. We are really having a hard time keeping the little "darlings" inside the fence now that they've grown (big surprise to everyone, I know). When we prepared for them we did the chickenwire with concrete thing under the grass under the fence line. Digging really isn't the problem (they like to do that where I can break my ankle in the holes, lol), they push together on the fence & crawl under it. We have taken heavy duty long metal stakes & staked down the fence 3 per section & still they manage to get out. Thought I had it taken care of last night as Macie led me to a week spot & I reinforced it. But then this morning, here comes my neighbor & his wife carrying them back, which is no easy task. I am scared to death something is going to happen to my babies & I would be totally devastated! So I'm wondering if any of you have dealt with this issue & if you could offer some helpful solutions. Several months later, it's apparent that chainlink was not the way to go with these two. Any help you all can offer would be very much appreciated!

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Woooooo To Meeshka!

Oh EveryHusky, it's a good day today, Meeshka has finally deemed that we are HULA worthy! As you all know, this is not an easy honor to come by. We feel very privileged to have been accepted at such an early age, we truly have been working hard! Meeshka is how we even found all of you, our lady had entered us on The Daily Puppy, & that's where we saw Meeshka for the first time & went to her blog...and here we are only months later, official HULA members! WOOOWOOO, it's good to be Husky!
Which leads us to our day today, we were pure EVIL! Those stupid humans of ours keep thinking that they've got the fence all figured out, and try as we may to wait & be patient, WE CAN'T! WE MUST DIG AT THE FENCE!!!!We have literally almost driven the lady insane, (we really don't want to take it to that level, she does feed us). They were trying to put up some new screen door (which looked heavy) & we'de wait till they looked really busy & head for the fence, (we've found another weakness in their so called "fortress"), this would've all been fine but we can't seem to not rattle the fence while digging under it. So here comes the lady (she's already crabbed up from having to do a "project" with the man) screamin' like a banshee. We leave the area, go act interested in something else, wait for it, go back to the fence & dig like hell! Repeat 3 or 4 more times, (now her face is a deep shade of red & the mans getting ticked too, this is a GREAT game) so in the house they threw us. Game over?
NOT! The lady has a great big plant in the house that has huge looking ears, she just repotted it, nice fresh dirt....need we say more? Then we got her slippers that look like fluffy cows, which look just like our toys, (really not our fault), oh, you want to play chase me for the slippers, OK, can you leap the couch in a single bound too, didn't think so, yep, back outside. You'll never guess what happened then, uh hu, back to the fence, now it's dark & and you will have to come & get us! She stepped in some poo while trying to coral us, (she acted like we personally smeared it on the bottom of her shoes), look where you're going lady, you don't see us stepping in it, geesh! Apparently we will be spending the night in the kitchen, what, we thought we were playing! Sometimes she has no sense of humor. It's about time to "go potty", she's looking mighty comfy, hey it's really not over till we decide, no matter what she may think. Goodnight everydog, sweet hole diggin' dreams! Macie & Malechai

Friday, October 06, 2006


In Observation of Sam & Loki's National Pain In The Butt Day

HaRooooo fellow puppers! Malechai here. We participated in pain in the butt day & we didn't know it had been declared at the time either. Above is the man trying to coral me back into the house, not happening, I'd rather pose for the lady, I am looking mighty fluffy today! That was just the beginning of things, see the photo below, nice isn't it, that would be the lady's arm. She wanted to get in on FightClub the other night & well she quickly changed her mind. Silly lady, FightClub is for Huskies! I didn't hurt her too bad, it looks worse than it is, told you she'd get hers for that vet business last weekend. Me & Macie also got into the big pool yard the other morning & went for another swim. Now they've turned the yard into a fortress & we can't seem to figure a way out, YET.

The weather has gotten much cooler here, woowooooooo! Now we get to be outside all day instead of cooped up in the house. That was getting old, let me tell ya! Macie was complaining ALL the time, I told her to shut her trap & go to sleep that it would be night time much quicker that way, but noooooo. She did make a point of showing the lady her attitude right away when she got home though, gave her that goose thing that Meeshka was talking about. Good one Meeshka, the lady about jumped out of her skin & dropped that big bag thing she carries, it was great! And I have gotten much better at the bob & weave to avoid being captured by the lady game. She doesn't seem to like it much, but I think it's BIG FUN! Run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the huskyman... Hey we're almost 7 months now, we're not little babies anymore, we can come in when we want to. Macie has gotten really good at annoying the lady too, she waits till she's gotten all comfy at the computer & then wants to go out, but then when the lady gets up, she runs around like a crazydog & won't go out. I think I actually saw steam coming out of her ears, funny stuff. This is why we love you fellow dogs so much, we get all kinds of great ideas of how to keep the humans in line, you all are so much wiser than us & we have a lot to learn yet, but we think we're doing pretty darn good so far.
The countdown to puppy class hell is on, it's still several naps away but getting closer with every awakening. There better be others like us there or we may refuse to go back!

Macie wanted me to tell you all that she almost caught StoneyBob the other night. She was so close but then the man came out shrieking at her to leave the cat alone. What I want to know is why doesn't he yell at the stupid cat for antagonizing us thru the fence? If he only knew half the stuff she says to us when she has the protection of the fence, we don't think he'd be overly impressed, man we hate those cats, especially that one, she's such a witch!

Oh yea, we got weighed at the vet last weekend & I'm up to 56lbs. Macie is only 50lbs. The lady says I'm a moose but I prefer to call it big boned! I don't think my sister will get a hole lot bigger, our mom is pretty dainty, but I plan to be huge! All the better to slam Macie around ya know. I have noticed that I don't seem to eat as much as I did when I was smaller, but Macie seems to eat more, weird, I know.

OK enough, it's about time for the lady to get home so we can walk her. We wish she would get some skates or something so she could keep up better, she's soooo pokey! Oh well, I'm off to maul Queeny before anyone gets home & maybe do a little "yard work".

Malechai the Mighty

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Man, she's getting all mushy again!

We'll go ahead & apologize first, the lady is MAKING us post all these. She started sorting through albums tonight & getting all weepy about how small we were. She is such an embarrassment! So here we go, we'll try & limit the craziness.

Here we are at a 1 week (yes this could take awhile, folks)
Macie-left, Malechai-right
The lady's friends couldn't understand why she wanted
such ugly puppies, she even said we looked like rats.

This is us at 2 weeks, Malechai-left, Macie-right
We're getting cuter, no "land legs" yet.

Three weeks, Macie-left, Malechai-right
Getting much cuter, starting to walk a little better.

Four weeks, Macie-left, Malechai-right
Very interested in this walkin business now
(and yes, MUCH cuter, startin to get some fluff on)

Five weeks Malechai-left, Macie-right
Off & runnin', woowoo!

Six weeks, Malechai-left, yep you guessed it,
The lady got all crazy when she got this picture
of us, now everyone thinks we're so cute.

Oh, you all get a break, bloggers screwin' up.
There is a God!
To Be Continued....
No such luck you all, she's not giving up yet.

Seven weeks, Macie-left, Malechai-right
Starting to show off our personalities now.

Eight weeks Macie-left, Malechai-right
Our first meeting of the lady & the man.
Of course they ooohed & aahhhed over us
for hours! Gross!

Our first night in our new home.
They WOULD NOT leave us alone,
kissin' on us & goin' on about how sweet
we were & how we smelled like puppes, duh folks, we are!
The picture craziness will slow down from here a little,
she found that after she actually got us,
there wasn't time for pictures,
there was that stupid potty training fiasco goin' on.

We're going to make her rap this nightmare up,
you all have endured enough. She had way to
much time on her hands today. And she said that
blogger is still screwin' up (we think it's that
she's stupid), oh darn! If we woulda had
a gong we would've been hitting it way back
in week two. Goddnight & sweet chicken dreams!
Macie & Malechai

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