Friday, October 06, 2006


In Observation of Sam & Loki's National Pain In The Butt Day

HaRooooo fellow puppers! Malechai here. We participated in pain in the butt day & we didn't know it had been declared at the time either. Above is the man trying to coral me back into the house, not happening, I'd rather pose for the lady, I am looking mighty fluffy today! That was just the beginning of things, see the photo below, nice isn't it, that would be the lady's arm. She wanted to get in on FightClub the other night & well she quickly changed her mind. Silly lady, FightClub is for Huskies! I didn't hurt her too bad, it looks worse than it is, told you she'd get hers for that vet business last weekend. Me & Macie also got into the big pool yard the other morning & went for another swim. Now they've turned the yard into a fortress & we can't seem to figure a way out, YET.

The weather has gotten much cooler here, woowooooooo! Now we get to be outside all day instead of cooped up in the house. That was getting old, let me tell ya! Macie was complaining ALL the time, I told her to shut her trap & go to sleep that it would be night time much quicker that way, but noooooo. She did make a point of showing the lady her attitude right away when she got home though, gave her that goose thing that Meeshka was talking about. Good one Meeshka, the lady about jumped out of her skin & dropped that big bag thing she carries, it was great! And I have gotten much better at the bob & weave to avoid being captured by the lady game. She doesn't seem to like it much, but I think it's BIG FUN! Run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the huskyman... Hey we're almost 7 months now, we're not little babies anymore, we can come in when we want to. Macie has gotten really good at annoying the lady too, she waits till she's gotten all comfy at the computer & then wants to go out, but then when the lady gets up, she runs around like a crazydog & won't go out. I think I actually saw steam coming out of her ears, funny stuff. This is why we love you fellow dogs so much, we get all kinds of great ideas of how to keep the humans in line, you all are so much wiser than us & we have a lot to learn yet, but we think we're doing pretty darn good so far.
The countdown to puppy class hell is on, it's still several naps away but getting closer with every awakening. There better be others like us there or we may refuse to go back!

Macie wanted me to tell you all that she almost caught StoneyBob the other night. She was so close but then the man came out shrieking at her to leave the cat alone. What I want to know is why doesn't he yell at the stupid cat for antagonizing us thru the fence? If he only knew half the stuff she says to us when she has the protection of the fence, we don't think he'd be overly impressed, man we hate those cats, especially that one, she's such a witch!

Oh yea, we got weighed at the vet last weekend & I'm up to 56lbs. Macie is only 50lbs. The lady says I'm a moose but I prefer to call it big boned! I don't think my sister will get a hole lot bigger, our mom is pretty dainty, but I plan to be huge! All the better to slam Macie around ya know. I have noticed that I don't seem to eat as much as I did when I was smaller, but Macie seems to eat more, weird, I know.

OK enough, it's about time for the lady to get home so we can walk her. We wish she would get some skates or something so she could keep up better, she's soooo pokey! Oh well, I'm off to maul Queeny before anyone gets home & maybe do a little "yard work".

Malechai the Mighty

Hey! I'm smaller than both of you!
Really? In your pictures you look bigger, you're full grown or a puppy?
M&M, you guys are both big. I'm 2 years old and I weigh 50 lbs. Lares on the other hand is a big cow. He weighs 75 lbs but Mom and Dad think that he may have Malamute in him, not Siberian Husky.

Yeah, you guys are BIG puppies!
I'm a perfect 48 lbs. That's what the vets call me - "perfect". Roo!
Zim has one or two pounds on me. Dave and Am are errr... taller than breed standard and go about 10 pounds heavier than us. We're all adults. Well... Zim is probably 6 years old and doesn't act like one, though. :)
Tail wags,
I'm 3.5 years old. I'm the smallest in our house.
Dang, so what you all are saying if we ARE mooses! We're not fat though, we swear, our Mom watches our diet very close. Our vet said when we came in the first time that we were some of the larger huskies that he had seen. Good thing the humans hadn't planned on showing us as it sound that we will be bigger than breed standards. Oh well, more of us to love!
The mooses!
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