Thursday, October 19, 2006



Hi everyhusky! Sorry, we haven't been able to post lately. Our lady owns something called a trophy store & apparently Oct-Nov is JFL & fall soccer season. All this means to us is that she works ridiculous hours (really, she leaves at dark & comes home after bedtime). We sooooo want work to be banned! So you won't hear from us nearly as often for a few weeks, boooo hiss! Quick updates before she leaves for work again, last Friday was our 7 month birthday(on Friday the 13th, think that's a sign?) & we got great big huge bones (least she could do). We also broke out the glass in the ladies curio cabinet, total accident, FightClub casualty, she didn't get mad, she was just glad we didn't get cut. They have "fixed" our yard, what a mess! One side is that hard stuff & now the rest of the yard has some kind of log looking things that are nailed into the ground, the fence WILL NOT move. Oh well, we had decided to give all that a rest for awhile anyway. Oh ya, on our birthday we got a rabbit, stupid thing came in our yard, what did it expect?! We can't be sure exactly who caught it, it all happened so fast, when the lady came out to check on us we had allready played tug-o-war with it (those things don't stretch very well). Lets just say we each had half a bunny. She decided not to photograph this as it was kinda gross (to her anyway). So the 7 month b-day was good all around. The rain has finally left so we get to be outside again AND the ground is nice & soft so we've resumed digging to look for that Alaskan Pipeline, it's going pretty good, although we think we're probably still in our yard, drat it all! We found out for sure that we do have grubs here, the lady turned up a couple big rocks & there one was, she said now she wonders if that's not what we've been digging for all along, HELLO STUPID HUMAN! And lastly, 4 more days till puppy classes, we will definately make her let us post about that. Please let there be some others like us there (at least she won't be able to work late on those nights!) Is it the end of Nov. yet?! We have to run now & make her play with us for a little while before she leaves. We miss you all! Macie & Malechai
We miss roo guys!!!!! Sorry about the work thing... but I guess bipeds have to do it so they can put food in our bowls!
Great picture - are you playing the "I Can Open My Mouth Wider Than You Can" game?
Play bows,
It's nice to share bunnies. Good luck at puppy class. It's actually pretty fun because your humans have to spend time with you even though they have work.
I love the photo too!
Awesome pic!!!

Our humom works awful hours too. Then when she's home during the day (she works while everyone is sleeping) we want to play with her, but she's wanting to sleep. We usually give in and crawl into bed with her. :>(

We hope that the end of November comes soon for you!
Hey guys, happy 7 month birthday!!
Aw... do come back and blog soon. And dont get too upset about your mum not being at home, you still have each other.

~ fufu
Woowoo everypup! She's got us up at the butt crack of dawn again (it's still dark right now), apparently this is when we get to blog...
A04, that's exactly the game, it ended up a tie.
Mapaw-the bunny was tasty till the stupid lady took it!
Thanks Turbo!
K&S-Sorry your Mom has to work dumb hours too, sucks don't it?!
fu fu-Thank you & you're right, at least we have each other!
Have a great day! Face Licks, M&M
I'm guessing that your human woman didn't give you the grub, or else you would be telling everyone how tasty and yummy they are. I'm guessing she threw the grub over the fence for the stray dog diner. Sigh. I wonder what would happen if I threw the human's food over the fence, I bet they wouldn't be happy.

hey guys,

Happy 7month Barkday to you both :-) I hear ya with regards to the workies thing - it certainly does suck !

Hope you can sneak on to the 'puter from time to time whilst your mumma is working so hard - we miss you :-(

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