Wednesday, March 28, 2007



Hi everypup, me Malechai here. It seems in the last month that I have been changing. It doesn't take much to "set me off" anymore. It used to be that I would take Macie's "crap" all day long, not so much anymore. We just turned a year old this month so I'm not sure if that's part of what's going on or not. For instance, last week we got into it over, I don't even know what & the next thing I know, the lady is ripping us apart & I have a big chunk missing out of the back of my right front leg & I had bit a hole all the way thru Macie's ear & gave her a bloody eye. Again, I don't even know why we got into it, there was no toy or anything around to fight over. It really freaked our lady out though. We have always played rough, we call it fightclub, but we have NEVER drawn blood on one another. Then, just yesterday, we were out in the yard helping the lady scoop poop & there were a couple of bones out there that we had been working on, I had gotten up & left mine to go help so Macie went over to see if I left anything tasty on it & boy did I tear into her again. So of course, here comes the lady, rips us apart again & this time I actually tried to bite her when she went to take the bones away, not smart on my part. As you all can imagine, I got in trouble AGAIN. I really didn't mean to snap at the lady, Macie was still sitting there eyeballin' my bone though, what was a boy to do?! So I'm just wondering if any of you older male dogs can tell me whats happening? Is this like a "coming of age" thing, are we now going to try & establish dominance? I also WILL NOT tolerate Macie trying to hump me anymore, it used to be kinda funny, now, not so much. Since we are the only ones of our kind around here, we really don't know what to expect as we get older, hopefully this is just a "phase", I don't like getting in trouble all the time but I like Macie trying to be the boss of me even less! Any thoughts & words of wisdom from our older "pack members" would sure be appreciated! Meanwhile, I'm going to go lay down & work on my self control (per the ladies request).

Sunday, March 25, 2007


The Tide Is High...

Well the river, she's a risin'! We thought we'd do a little before & after, the lady is always so gungho for snow & she seems to forget that we live on a river that rises as the snow melts. (Sorry about the Blondie song, it's stuck in your head now isn't it, it is in ours, thanks to the stupid lady!) The rising river won't have any direct effect on us unless it gets above 28', then our basement takes on water & everything has to be put up on blocks & the carpet rolled up...The long & the short of it is that the evil cat nation would have to be brought upstairs, THIS WOULD NOT BE GOOD! We would either get stuck outside all the time or have to stay in the kitchen as we just can't help but chase them. If they wouldn't run like idiots, it wouldn't spark that prey drive thingy in us & all would be good. But noooooo, they have to act like paranoid skitso all the time! How it is that we're the ones that get punished for their disorders is completely beyond us!
On to squeakier things. So we saw that alot of you have these "cuz" toys, so of course, we clawed & wooded at the lady until she got us some. We have to say we're a little disappointed, it's a ball with feet but a ball just the same. And what are balls for, yes that's right, fetch. And what don't Huskies do? You got it, fetch, see where we're going with this. The funny part is that the lady isn't overly impressed with us not caring so much for them.
Now if she wants to continue to squeak them & throw them, we'll gladly pounce after them, but how many times do you think she wanted to "retrieve", ya, that game got old for her real quick.

It did end up clearing up & being a very nice day today though so we got to go for a nice long walk, that was great! The grass is getting green & there were all kinds of new spring smells (not to mention all the mud puddles that we got to splash around in!).

We better run for now, we want to go back outside before it rains again.
We'll woo again soon, M&M

Saturday, March 24, 2007


One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other...

Haroo every pup & fufu! Some of you have been posting about your "parts" so we thought we'd post some parts of another sort, dinosaur parts (or better the lack of). Can you find all the differences between the two (it's like that game they post in the comics sometimes)?Need a little closer look?!

This is what they used to look like: We think we've done a pretty good job keeping them intact, for the most part. So today the lady performed surgery on our critters for us, they've been in isolation for weeks due to their various injuries (missing wings, tails & holes in the head). And it's rainy & yucky out so she decided it would be a good day to fix us something to do. Other than things like this...
Yep, these be the ladies glasses, what's left of them anyway, we got a little bored yesterday while she was in the shower & well, they just happened to be within paws reach, soooo.... Ya, that didn't impress her too much. Hey, she should know better than that by now, come on! Well, we're off to "rehabilitate" the newly stitched critters properly.
Hope everypups day is drier out than ours! Macie & Malechai

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


HAROOOOO Every Pup & FuFu!

We're back, finally, geesh, we thought the lady might not ever let us blog again. Things are finally starting to seem a little more normal around here. The lady's Grandpa is back from the Hospital & doing well so now she has more time for us, woowooo! She wanted us to Thank everyone for their kind wishes & prayers (we told her this is a great bunch of pups & humans too!). So anywoo, back to us, she has already caused us to get very behind with everydog, it will take us some time to get back up to speed. But we are soooooo glad to be back, we've missed "Our Pack" terribly!

While we've been away (and had some much extra time on our paws) we decided to take up dancing (Tango maybe) see what you think, our moves aren't quite perfect yet but we think with a little more "dance" time we could start a new series, Dancing With Huskies.
First the approach.

(This is where Malechai is supposed to put me on his shoulders.)

Straight into the Dip.

Ok, so we need a little practice...We're not going to stay long, we want to go get caught up on all your blogs. Woo at you all soon, Macie & Malechai

Thursday, March 01, 2007


A Message From The Human

Sorry Macie & Malechai haven't been able to blog lately. My Grandmother (who is more like my Mother) began a very quick downward spiral a couple weeks ago(she was 84) and died last Monday. Then my Grandfather had to be taken to the VA hospital the following Monday & has been there since. I am both of there primary caregivers & power of attorney so you can imagine the ordeals that have proceeded. And honestly, I just haven't felt like blogging or much else for that matter. It's just a very sad time at our home right now. We will be back soon as happier days are sure to come. And may I just say, love everyone in your life as if there's no tomorrow as there just may not be. Take Care of Each Other! Until Next Time, Macie & Malechai's Lady

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