Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Boy are we in trouble!

We saw that our "Mom" got on our blog to whine about us. Shame on her! So we've gotten out a few times, what's the big deal, we don't go in the street, pretty much we just go down to the river & follow the beach up to our "Grandma's" house. Two bedtimes ago the man put more of those stake thingys in the yard & thought he had it taken care of again, NOT! He left one section with only one stake & guess what, yep, out we went. This time the next door neighbors brought us home. Here we thought they were being soooo nice bringing us out a treat, we should've known it was just a ploy to get hold of us. They only had 1 leash so the man neighbor carried one of us back, boy was he out of breath, it was pretty funny, we thought. So back in the kitchen we went. Well, neither of us appreciated the tone that our lady had with us when she left for the day, so we waited till she was gone, jumped the gate & shredded everything in sight! Even dug up some more plants & ate a couple playstation games. When the man got home, we're pretty sure his head started spinning, he was screaming & carrying on. Then he called our lady & she rushed right home (she doesn't like it when he hollers at us). When she got here, he was already outside with some big contraption putting bags of some kinda dirt in it & then dumping it all along our fence, crap, the gig may be up this time! Sure enough, when she let us out this morning there was hard junk all along our fence! Now how are we supposed to get out?! We wooed about it last night & decided to give it a rest for a little while, we actually made the lady cry & well, we do kinda like her, she scolds the man when he yells at us, buys us cool toys & bones & always gives us loves when she gets home no matter what we've done! So we're going to try & be good for a little while. If you all see the lady on here again though, tell her to get off, this is a DOGS blog, not to be infiltrated by whining humans!
Our mom whines about us too. We changed the password so she can't do it on our blog site though. She didn't think we were smart enough to do that. HA! We showed her!

Just remember that if they offer you a treat when you're outside and on the run, it normally means that they want to catch advice is to turn your head like you could care less about the treat and run like mad! Freaks them out every single time. That is why we do. It's fun!
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