Saturday, October 21, 2006


Sometimes blogger is a real pain, just saying for instance...

So anyway, after our cool beverage, things took a serious turn, it started to rain, yuck! The only good part is, see the leg on the left, that's our lady & those are her "sleepy pants", what that means to us is that she's not going anywhere so we'll at least get to hang out in the livingroom, not a bad thing really.

Once inside, the lady had yet ANOTHER treat for us (she must really be feelin' guilty), a big knuckle bone, woowoowoo! What better way to waste away a rainy afternoon, knawin' on a good bone. While chewing away we had a thought though, if this is a "knuckle bone" we don't want to see the hand that it musta belonged to, we wonder if that means there's giants in our area too, boy we sure hope not!

We also got to get in a couple rounds of bite the ladies arm off, that's always fun, rain or shine.

And now the night has come to an end & we are pooped! It has been a wonderful Saturday & we're close to forgiving the lady for all this working junk. We'll see how well she does tomorrow!

Good night everypup, sweet non rainy dreams to everyone, hopefully it will have stopped raining when we wake up & it will be nice & cold (hey a dog can dream!). Face Licks, Macie & Malechai

Ah Saturdays, so much fun. Looks like you guys had a good one.

I see from the last picture that you have one of my favoritest toys too. My Mommy calls him Ewen the Ewe. I actually have three of them in different colors. You can see a picture of a Ewen carcus. The other two are in better shape but Mom took them away to do surgery and hasn't returned them yet.
Hi Althea! Yes, our little Ewe is missing it's squeaker and we rip it's guts out daily, our lady just stuffs them back in(it's kinda annoying). We have a bird with the same material but a different squeaker & we haven't been able to rip it open yet. Face Licks, M&M
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