Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Harooooo, remember us?!

Woo, it's been ALONG time (April 11th to be exact) since we've wooded. First off we wanted to say how sorry we are to hear about fufu's passing over the bridge! We've been trying to catch up on everypups blogs & got the news. How very sad! At least now Bibi won't be lonely! We've also had more death in our family, the lady's Aunt passed this month & her Uncles dog passed this week, very sad times AGAIN! And our humans put some new fish in one of our tanks & ALL the fished died within days, soooooo.....lets' move right on to happier things.
Since the weather has been so much nicer we've gotten to take the humans on LOTS of walks. We even remembered the camera for one of them, we went back to Detweiller Park (we've wooed about it before) and here's a couple shots.Those are tulips behind us, they were really pretty until we got this last frost, it kinda killed off alot of the flowers around here. Our lilac that we love the smell of so much, didn't get one flower. They were tasty too!Here's Malechai walking the man, he does a great job with the human, he's got him trained really well now! This is us checking for those sickada bug things that are supposed to be coming out of the ground anytime now. We don't know why everyone making such a big deal over a sick bug but we don't seem to have any.We hear the lady say that's OK with her, she's not much for crunchy bugs & especially ones that can fly!
She's been crazy planting all kinds of flowers (as if she needed more) and wooing about all the ones that made it through the frost. We don't care, she won't let us eat any of them, and she doesn't plant anything in our yard for us. We'll show you some of our favorites anyway.

These are just a few that we like alot.
Well, we're going to run & go read more of everypups blogs & try to catch up some more. Hopefully it won't be so long between blogs, the lady is outside all the time now though so we can't promise anything. Woo at you all soon, Macie & Malechai

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