Sunday, October 01, 2006


Man, she's getting all mushy again!

We'll go ahead & apologize first, the lady is MAKING us post all these. She started sorting through albums tonight & getting all weepy about how small we were. She is such an embarrassment! So here we go, we'll try & limit the craziness.

Here we are at a 1 week (yes this could take awhile, folks)
Macie-left, Malechai-right
The lady's friends couldn't understand why she wanted
such ugly puppies, she even said we looked like rats.

This is us at 2 weeks, Malechai-left, Macie-right
We're getting cuter, no "land legs" yet.

Three weeks, Macie-left, Malechai-right
Getting much cuter, starting to walk a little better.

Four weeks, Macie-left, Malechai-right
Very interested in this walkin business now
(and yes, MUCH cuter, startin to get some fluff on)

Five weeks Malechai-left, Macie-right
Off & runnin', woowoo!

Six weeks, Malechai-left, yep you guessed it,
The lady got all crazy when she got this picture
of us, now everyone thinks we're so cute.

Oh, you all get a break, bloggers screwin' up.
There is a God!
To Be Continued....
Oh the lady is right..
Macie and Malechai, you guys look so cute.... when you are babies.

~ fufu
Oooh, puppies! I love puppies! Great baby pix!
Tail wags,
I can't blame your mom for posting these pictures. You guys are too cute. My parents always say that they wish they had pictures of us when we were puppies but since we were adopted they don't have any. They especially wish they had pictures of Lares with his goofy ears.
Thanks you guys! Stop it, you're making us blush!
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