Thursday, October 12, 2006


OK, so maybe we're a little "large"

Well, it's pretty apparent that we've grown, the question is becoming, just how large are we going to get? We're starting to get a little concerned with our size. We didn't relies that we were already heavier than a lot of you full grown Huskies. Heck, how are we supposed to know, we've never even met another one of us yet, we've only seen pictures of all of you. After getting "weigh in's" from the Ao4, Turbo & Althea, we made our lady get our papers out from the breeder to insure that indeed, we are 100% Husky (and of course we are) and not part Malamute. So that poses the question, could it possibly be the chicken treats, (oh please, say no)? Or maybe it's the cottage cheese, sardines, salmon or eggs (we won't even get into the fruits)?! What do you all think?
Face Licks, M&M aka The Mooses

PS Day one of "behaving" & we have to say, THIS BLOWS! We are going to really try though, the lady keeps talking about some padded room place that we're "driving" her to (as if we can drive, geesh!) & that they don't allow Huskies to come visit there, we don't want her to go there, then we'd be stuck with the man!
Don't worry too much about your size, there are always exceptions to the Breed Standard. Besides you really can't compare yourself to me since my growth may have been stunted due to lack of food during my days of Living on the Streets.

I'll glad to hear that you guys are working on "behaving". I know it's hard but you don't want to make your mom too made and end up as homeless sibes. As some conciliation, you don't have to be good all the time, I mean you are sibes, it would go against nature to be good all the time. You just need to learn to walk the fine line between your natural instincts and behaving. You'll figure it out as you get a little older and wiser.
Oh, and one more thing. I'm sure your mom did some research about us sibes before picking you up. So in a way she was asking for it.
Yes she did & she says she would get rid of the man before she ever got rid of us, no matter what we did! We think she gets more scared for us than mad, she never really even yells at us, she really is a good "Mom" but please don't tell her we said so.
Face Licks, M&M
I'll second what Althea said. Am and Dave are taller than breed standard, but their weights are right for their frames. Just make sure you don't put too much weight on, or you can develop joint probs. We want you two in good health! Oh... and make sure you check tomorrow's Ao4 Digest. :)
Tail wags,
You two are probably going to be just the right size for yourselves. Thats the way it works. And if you behave every couple of days or so, then the peoples get careless and you can have even more fun.
That's okay. I like a big guy, Malechai!
teehee! i'm so glad i found you guys! i'm not even one but i am already heavier than both my parents and some of my friends.

but hoo cares!

You guys sure are getting big - take it from me, big is best :-)

Ao4-There's no fat on us, Macie is really pretty small.
D'azul-We're trying to be good....
Roo Roo-Then I'm the guy for you, woowoo!
Fee-Glad to hear that, we think we're PERFECT, hee hee.
Opy-We don't think you're too big at all, just right!
Dudes, you have to be careful with that escaping stuff! I did that last winter and I was on my own for a month! Let me tell you it was not fun for me or for my humans! You can read about it in the archives on my Mom's blog(look in February and March 2006.). Since I got recaptured, I haven't gone near that gate!
Delta of Wandering Spirits.
(Mom says sometimes she thinks that kennel name wasn't such a good idea!)
I'm glad to see you've realized that sometimes the humans do things for your own good. I'm still very proud of your achievements, and hope that you have learned that just because you can do something... doesn't mean you have to do it all the time. Torture your humans in moderation and they won't take such drastic measures :)

Hey Macie and Malechai, I dont think you're TOO big. So tell your mum to continue the chicken treats.

~ fufu
I agree with Fu Fu. The two of you are JUST RIGHT! Really.

Hey! The comments function on Blogger is being stupid today. I wantd to post a comment on your newest entry but I kept getting "Page Cannot Be Displayed". Stupid!

Anyway, I'm glad you guys had a great birthday, and you look really cute in your picture!
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