Monday, October 30, 2006


My Thoughts On Dog School...

Need I say more? Well I'm gonna. Tonight blew, the teacher lady had to show my lady how to give a "proper correction", let's just say I did not care for that. Yanking me dang near off my feet (ok not really, but it seemed like it) in front of the ENTIRE class, how embarrassing. Apparently this woman doesn't understand that I am not like these other dogs, I am Husky & should be treated as such. Admired from a distance by the others, who would of course bring me chicken treats...Oh sorry, that happens sometimes, anyway, as if all that wasn't bad enough, the new torture technique is that they showed my lady how to make me lay down by squeezing a spot under my shoulder blades & basically yanking me down (more with the yanking, are you all seeing the a pattern here?), not liking this at all & everydog should know that I protested & woooed in true Husky form, I wasn't going down without a fight & then, that damned teacher showed this "Vulcan DeathGrip" & I'm ashamed to say that I was momentarily defeated.
By now, I've gotten a little tired, (hey you guys try & wrestle a full grown human for an hour, it ain't easy) so I agreed to "comply" for a while & laid down, still she wasn't happy now wanted me back up, oh this sooooo stinks! Did I mention this goes on for like a good hour.
There is one good thing that is coming out of it all though, the lady & man spend even more time with us before our walks, yes it means we have to do homework, but we are outside of the fence so it's not so bad. Plus, I overheard the lady talking with the man about the dog park, I think we're getting closer! Well goodnight everydog, I'm VERY exhausted (next to the stupid white poodle again this week).
Sweet Dream of Chickeny Things, Macie the Mighty Defiant One
I'm so sorry for your abuse!!! Wow, at least you are telling her how you feel in this picture! Thankfully I didn't have to do school, but Samuel did. He still flunked healing and the "stay" command. And, as a Husky, he still has his moments when he doesn't want to do what he is suppose to, just to show the humans that they're not really in charge.

Hey Macie. the school doesn't sound so fun. :(
Hope yuo dream of lots of Chickeny Things tonite. hee

~ fufu
Glad you guys liked the video of me talking - and yes, I think mom made that quilt just so we could dry off on it!
About this nasty class you're going to ... I'm not sure I like that vulcan death grip thing! If anyone tries it on you again, you need to yelp as loud as you can then give the sad eyes look. "How could you? Do you know the pain you're causing me?" Limping a little afterwards would help, too. They should NOT be doing this to you!
Let me know if you need me to come up there and knock some heads together.
Tail wags, Storm
Hi Holly, I let her know without a doubt that she was NOT the boss of me last night, woowoo!
FuFu, not so fun & no chicken dreams at all last night, just dog class nightmares!
Storm , please come & knock ALL their heads together, idiots, I'm not sure what the point of this is, it's not like I plan on being a "show dog" for goodness sake!
I didn't even talk to my lady this morning, I'll see how she likes the silent treatment for a few days.
Face Licks, Macie
I found it helpful to start limping before I got any "correction." Three times in five classes the trainer made Mama stop walking me because she thought I was injured. Mama gave away the secret that I only did it in class, but it worked a while.
Fuzzies, Magnum
In the words of my ol pal T-Wolf, "Humans are stupid!"
Boy this school thing does not sound good. My Dad read your blog and now everytime I do something wrong he treatens me with doggie school.

I'm not expert dog trainer (of course I'm, not I'm a dog) but this Vulcan DeathGrip really doesn't sound like a good method of training.

Great idea Mapaw, I'll give that a try on Monday.
Charlie, you are so right!
Althea, avoid the dog school at all costs, the Vulcan DeathGrip is probably a little exagerated as my lady would NEVER hurt me, I just don't care to be made to do anything I don't want to.
Face Licks, Macie
Everyhusky knows that "normal" dog training does not work with us. We have to be properly motivated in order to pretend to do what the humans want. The human woman says that if the trainer is jerking and forcing... you may want to find another trainer... seriously. Try one that uses "clicker" training. It works much better with us.

(fight the leash of oppression)
Vulcan deathgrip????? What planet did this trainer lady come from? I hope my mama doesn't read your blog, she's been working on my outside commands and she's been pretty pleased with how it's going. Still, I don't want her to get any thoughts in her head! I know hand signals, but sometimes I'll just pretend I don't hear mama when she gives me the "watch me" command just so I can ignore her and not have to do the stupid sit and down thing. Then again, she sometimes has liver treats in her pocket and sometimes she tricks me into thinking she has one in her hand. She uses a closed fist for "sit" and I can't always tell if there's a treat in her hand or not, I call foul!
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