Wednesday, August 30, 2006


All In A Days Walk

Ahhhh, the cool weather has come & we are back to walking ALOT! This is what we do right after words. Most times the lady lets us back in our yard so we can get in the pool & cool off. Nothin like runnin around with your face completely submerged in cold pool water after a long walk. The man came out today & scrubbed our pool, just when you get the right combination of sand & dirt mixed in there, here they come to wash it out. It's funny really, lets see, we have a giant sandbox and lots of dirt and they act like rinsing out the pool is going to keep us clean, silly humans! We let them though cause the cold water from the hose is the best. Once we are good & wet & of course dirty, we like to demand to be let back in the house by scratching on the window looking doors that lead into our peoples room. After that it's on to the cool kitchen floor in front of the fan, it is a good life!

The man actually came on our walk with us tonight, this doesn't happen very often, usually we just get the lady. It wasn't too bad though, he likes to walk faster than the lady, but we don't get to be right next to each other like when it's just her. Not to mention, it's big fun to drag her around! Since it's been nicer outside, there have been a lot more dogs out in their yards. There are some of them that aren't going to be our new best friends, we can tell. They charge at their fences & say some pretty mean things. The lady must speak a little dog cause she always keeps us at the other side of the road. We like it best when we go in the woods or through some tall grass areas. There's lots more to smell than on the stupid street. If it were up to us, there would be no streets, just grass, dirt, rocks....Oh, got a little side tracked.

Hey, we been meaning to mention, we figured out early on that the sandbox was a "ploy" to get us not to dig in other spots. For the most part, we are always in our yard, but, in the summer they let us in the big pool with them. This is a entirely different part of the yard that is fenced off to us. We like it in here a lot. They had it all nice with their tasty little flower beds & well, lets just say, had, is the operative word here. We were able to knock this one out in about, oh, 2 minutes. Apparently, the lady is having some difficulties with the computer again so we will have to post this picture at another time. It's a dandy. She says sometimes it will let her post more than 1 picture & then sometimes it won't. Dang human contraptions! Now she's aggravated so we have to sign off.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Hi New Friends!

We have finally allowed that woman back on the computer. Boy what a disaster, we still haven't figured out how to get back on to that cool Husky Blogger Ring though. All in good time...
We just wanted to give a howl out to all our new friends! Thank you for "introducing" us Opy! So far we have we have met Kaluah, Raisa (thank you for your help with the Husky Blogger Ring, we are waiting to get the code again), Turbo, Chuck, Dakota, IndyPindy, Koda & Meeshka. We are very excited to have met you all! Hopefully that will be the good thing about these "puppy classes" that we keep hearing about, wonder if there will be any other huskys?! Until next time, stay away from the birds, we hear they're not good to eat right now (ground squirrels might be tasty).

Friday, August 25, 2006


Boy is our "Mom" STUPID!

She just had to pick a new template thingy & CLEARED all the cool stuff we've been adding & finding! All to change it to green.... why must she mess with our stuff, sigh! What a drag! Apparently she didn't relize how hard it has been for us to learn how to do all this stuff, we are dogs ya know?! Better get busy, dang humans!

Mastering Our People

VICTORY IS OURS! We have finally trained our human in how to properly walk a Husky. Last night was our most successful walk with her yet. She understands now that we do not care to walk next to her, we are sled dogs, we are supposed to be in the lead! Since we've made that clear she has stopped trying to choke us to death & we have stopped trying to pull her down the street. It all went bad when she started watching that Dog Whisperer guy, she should've taken notice to the fact that he never has puppies or Huskies on his show. Why, because we don't respond well to yanking us, she can be the "Alpha"(she does bring the food) all we want is a few feet, then she's not tripping over us & vice versa. Soooo we had to do a little human reprograming.
Even though we have come to an understanding, she's still been talking to the man about obedience classes, we think she's crazy but what do we know?! Go ahead lady, waste your money, maybe we'll get to make a few new friends. Apparently we have 1 more month of freedom before these classes start, we have to be 6 months old, should be interesting or at the least, very intertaining. We have cousins that go & they love it, 1 is a German Shepherd & the other is an Austrailan Shepherd, we sure hope our "Mom" isn't expecting the same results from us, not gonna happen! We'll humor her for awhile just incase there might be some chicken treats involved, if there's no treats, she'll get tricks all right!
We gotta say, this getting these humans trained is a full days work! They're coming along nicely though. They tell us all the time how much they love us & kiss on us, this makes for a great opportunity for full on frontal face licking! They're rather tasty! It's probably not to soon to assume that we have achieved domination over them. Even when we do this, a few flashes of the baby blues & well, they're pretty much over it.
We finished this beauty while they were at work today, nice eh?! Usually we get to be outside while they're at work but it's been way to hot for our furriness & honestly, we just don't care for our crate, strange, we know. They put it in here & all it does is take up our nice cool floor & we can't get to the air vents. We heard them say at they start that the kitchen would be the cheepest room in the house to have to "redo".......... Well, it's about time to go get a snack, goodnight friends!

Is it any wonder we're so darn cute?!

Just a little "background" history for ya... This is our Mom & Dad (yes, the real ones). On the Left is our Mom, Corrie and on the Right is our Dad, DJ. There were lots of kids & plenty of green grass to run around in on the farm that we came from. Mom & Dad are still there, they have a human too, she's pure Husky people! We have some very pretty sisters also, they went to separate homes. We wish we could have all stayed together but not many humans are willing or can afford to have 4 of us. Luckily for us, our new "parents" actually wanted 2. So we got to stay together, thank goodness, cause we have pretty much hung together since the very beginning.

These are our sisters Raja & Arie with their new owners. Told ya they were pretty! Looks like they've found good homes too, wonder if they have a sandbox like ours? This is only half of ours, it's around a big tree, the man had to build us some stairs to get in it but we won't need them for much longer.

Speaking of sandboxes, have we mentioned how much fun these are?! Not only are they great to dig in but they also serve as a nice place to poop! Our people tried & tried to get us to not "potty" in there, but now that we see what the cats already knew... You don't have to walk around in circles for 5 minutes to get your spot matted down (so as to not tickle your bum), it's wonderful! The only downfall is now the lady won't let the little kids that come over get in it with us. We don't know why, she goes around with a scooper thing & gets the poo out, what's the big deal?
We like to run around in here as fast as we can right after we get in the pool, this drives the lady crazy, what the heck did she think was going to happen, water + sand = muddy dogs, even we can do that math, come on now! Then there's the hole digging which usually leads to "Fight Club". Neither of us is going to be out dug by the other, so as one of us digs the other backs right up to the hole & or face & starts throwin' sand top speed. Well, you can imagine the riot this starts, nobody likes to get sand in the face.
Lately we have started our tunnel to Alaska (that "pipeline"thing has to be somewhere) under & around the humans deck. We like this much better as we finally figured out that we weren't going to get there via the sandbox (somehow the holes keep filling in). Plus this is actual dirt, yea buddy, there's nothin' quit like it! Nice cool dirt!!! You dig a hole in this stuff & it's still there when you come back later & if you're real lucky, it will rain in the mean time! Oh yea, mud hole here we come! Hey, they said we could dig under there the first day they brought us home, silly humans, apparently they didn't know that we are professional excavaters! Well, we have to go, time for bed, maybe we can con the lady out of a snack...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Fight Club

Step right up, get your tickets folks, it's "Fight Club". It's what our people refer to this as. Me I call it, Shut Your Big Giant Hole Macie! And well, all I'm thinking is dang brother, have you been eating poo, you're breath is kickin'! (The expression on my face should be enough to convey to you all how bad it really does smell. ) We like to do this most of all, it's just our way of expressing how much we care (yea, that's what it is)! Most times the lady will let us go to it, but then sometimes she starts hollering somethin' about go to your separate corners, not happening, she does it just when things are starting to get good.

We find this game most entertaining while she's in the kitchen with us trying to cook dinner. We've almost managed to get her on the ground with us a few times, oooh that would be great, then we could mall her & lick all the good food off her fingers! They get to eat all kinds of tasty smellin' stuff, we never get any of it, she has us on some natural diet. It's not all bad though, we do get salmon or sardines in our breakfast most days, sometimes even eggs! Then there's all the fruit, apples, blueberries, oranges (oh how we LOVE oranges!), bananas, gotta say we're to hip on those, what's with the mushiness, YUCK! People actually eat those things, ewww! Carrots, spinach...Ok, enough with the food, oh but wait, the chicken breast jerky things are the bomb, ok there.

Here lately the lady has been making us stay inside due to the heat. At first we were not at all impressed & just to show them how much we disapproved we created this little

masterpiece right in the hallway across from the bathroom. Give it up fellow Huskies, you all know this is a beauty! We didn't think we did to bad for our first try & only being 5 months old! The people really didn't get as mad as we had expected. We heard the lady telling the man about how all the research she had done before they got us said that we were known for such antics. Hey we'd hate to prove the experts wrong! Just doing the "Husky thing". Actually that wall stuff doesn't taste all that great. Plus, we've been outside to pee & all & let's just say, it's HOT!
She set us up on the cool floor in the kitchen with air vents & a fan blowing right on us. We were pretty much outside puppies before this so we had no idea of what we were missing! If she thinks she's going to throw us back outside anytime soon, she's crazy! It's since we've been inside that we have discovered Kleenex, soap, magazines & lots of other wonderful finds, who knew! So we've laid off of the walls & trim, for now anyway, we dig it inside! We only get to go in the other room were the big jumpy mountain thing is, when she is right with us. Normally she sits on this thing but not when we come in, then it's King of the Mountain time! We get her to move off pretty quick. Why would you ever want to just sit on it when you can jump over it & throw each other off, sheesh!

Hot Dog the lady just said it was time for our walk! She likes to go early in the morning & after the sun goes down at night. That's ok with us (all but the early part) cause then it's not so dang hot. Till next time, may all your yummy tissues be snotty!

Monday, August 21, 2006


And now a word from the Queen of Everything! (Or at least Malechai)

So funny, did Malechai really think he was going to be the only one to speak, PALEEZE! We need to clear a few things up right off the bat!
1. He doesn't let me do anything, I kick his butt fair & square!
2. Just look at us & it's perfectly clear that I am the MOST beautiful & of course smartest.
3. If one of us is going to lead anything, let me assure you that it will be me! He does good to find his way to the sandbox!
Ok, that's much better! He just drives me crazy, always trying to throw his weight around, fat cow! Then when I get on him, he starts whining to the human lady & she actually takes his side! Unreal! I will say this, he is good at getting those tissues though & most times I can get my share before he hogs them all down. Have I mentioned that he doesn't chew his food, it's gross really, just swallows it whole. Sometimes when the lady gives us blueberries, he poops them whole! He's been getting in trouble lately for eating rocks, never guess how the humans found out about that one, yep in the poop! The lady keeps trying to tell him that there gonna get stuck & he's gonna end up with some operation or something like that, again see the end of #2 up there, not the smartest one...
Enough about him, I want to talk about ME! I would have to say one of my most favorite things to do is con Malechai out of the air vent! He falls for it everytime, first I start with a few short yipps, giving him a fair chance to surrender before anyone gets hurt, but noooooo. So then I go for his favorite stupid lamb, it makes a terrible noise that I really can't stand, but I can take it if it gets him off the vent, sometimes this works, sometimes not. If not then the last resort is to go over to the otherside of the refrigerator were he can't see me & act like I see a cat. That, my friends, does it everytime! He just can't stand it, has to come over & get in my business, so while the dumby stands there looking for the cat, I go over & take the vent, VICTORY IS MINE! Most times this ends up in "Fight Club", I'm sure the big baby mentioned that in his earlier ramblings!
Dang, I have to go, the lady says it's potty time, I think we know when we have to pee...she must be ready for bed, whatever! Tatta for now...

A word from Malechai

Hey there, I'm Malechai, doing my favorite thing, laying on the air vent (well, besides fighting with my sister Macie). Sometimes the woman gets a little miffed at this, something about it makes the rest of the kitchen hot, as if I care, it's nice & cool on my fluff! I also really like to jump the fence into the humans bedroom & get into the garbage where all the wonderful tissues are, this trick impresses the heck out of them. If I get the chance, I jump back over the fence & blame it on my sister, I think their starting to get hip to this though. Those humans aren't as dumb as you would think. I still can't understand why they insist on throwing the Kleenex away though, don't they know they are to eaten, relished even! I've recently discovered soap out of the bathroom too, now that's good eatin', I don't care who you are. Of course the man got ticked & shooed me out, says it will give me the squirts, I say well worth it!
Today the female human put up some taller fences, these are going to be a little trickier to master. I think by the end of the week I should be able to conquer them however. My sister kinda leaves that stuff up to me, she's just not as tall, or as strong, fluffy, handsome...oh, sorry, got side tracked.
She's all right as far as sisters go, but every since that 8 Below movie, guys, you know the one, where that female husky is the pack leader, well let's just say Queen Macie's head has gotten a little big. I let her think she can take me, but sometimes I have to give her the ole' Sumo Slam & remind her who truly is boss. Girls, sheesh! The humans refer to this as "Fight Club", we frequent the joint often, well, that's why they got 2 of us so that we could keep each other entertained...
Gotta go, I think Macie is getting a chicken treat, gotta get me some!

Hello, pleased to meet you!(The human lady made us say it)

Howdy to all our dog buds out there! We are new to the blog business but our "Mom" (we humor her, she brings the food) just thought we needed to do this. We would like to thank Meeshka for turning our human onto this. Meeshka is our idol! It's important for young pups to have good roll models & from what our human has read to us, sounds like Meeshka knows all the cool husky stuff that our "parents" aren't about to tell! We are 5 month old Huskies & all that that implies. We came from a breeder in Iowa, our "parents" drove for 3 1/2 hours to get us which, in turn, meant we had to ride back crammed in the back of a little Jeep with this goofy human ooohing & aaahing all over us, YUCK! Get off us lady! That was in May.
Once we arrived at our new digs we decided the humans might not be too bad after all. We had a HUGE yard fully equipped with a giant sand box, a dirt hiding place under their deck (that we are allowed to dig in all we want), a great big dog house with a deck (that we never go in) & our own swimming pool. At first she tried to put us in a big cage kinda thing at night, but we weren't having that, we cried & threw ourselves against it & fought between each other until she let us out. Of course we weren't house trained, soooooo, we'd rather not discuss that, it was kinda embarrassing! It's all good now, we know we can only go outside to do that or the female human looses her mind! We kinda like her, as we said, she brings the food & walks us. The man, not so much, he just pets us when he comes home, ok, he's not too bad. These people also have 5 cats, they do not like us & well, we don't really care too much for them either! They are very snotty & don't want to play at all, they just make a strange hssss sound, we're pretty sure that's not cat for hello! Well, gotta run, it's about time for dinner! Until next time, no tasting the cats!

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