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Ok, it's apparent, life as we knew it is now over. We thought this dog school was a one night a week thing. Oh how naive we are! It seems that the rule following is going to continue into our walks, now that's just wrong! Instead of pull, drag, pull, it's walk, stop, sit, walk, stop, sit, totally ruins the walk all together. And they won't let us be next to each other anymore either, we have to walk at their sides, this is just not right, we are Huskies, for cryin' out loud, we want to pull & lead, this is all very wrong, completely against our nature!!!!! They call this homework, we've heard others talk about their humans having it & now we truly understand the full suckiness of it all! We hope you all understand the severity of how there had better be a dog park at the end of this or the revolting will be catastrophic!
Hey M&M, tell your Mom that the whole point of the dog park is that it is "off leash". So it doesn't matter if you can walk on a leash or not.

And what is this "walk at their sides" thing? Lares and I always walk in front of Dad. I always have to be on the right (Lares tends to lift his left leg to pee so this keeps me out of range).

Great picture. Which one of you is it? I can never tell who is who (can't get a good sniff off the computer screen).

It's me Macie, if Malechai ever starts lifting his leg to pee, I don't know what will happen, it won't be good though. I liked to be on the left when we used to get to walk side by side. I think the lady is affraid we won't come back to her when it's time to go, we think it's funny that she thinks dog classes will teach that, never! We will run forever...sorry got a little carried away, that's probably why for the classes. WooWOOOOOO! Macie
Homework?? HOw come you guys have homework? Please dont tell me you'll have assignments, projects and exams next

~ fufu
Boy fufu, we better not have! It's bad enough we have to do all this "homework" at night!
Face Licks, M&M
Our mom and dad like us out in front of them on walks so they can see what we're getting into. :) They're fairly smart for bipeds.
GREAT picture!
Tail wags,
Hey Macie and Malechai, we go to dog skool too. But we on vacation now until January. Then it B Preston's turn for O-Bee-Dance classes. What kind class do you go to? Yeah, they all have homework, which sucks until you start getting treats for doing the stupid things. Tell your mom you want chicken treats, thats the best and makes it almost worth it. Everybody here has been to skool.

Eddie and Selena
We LOVE chicken treats! We get those all the time, we don't know what kind of school it is, it's just called beginner class, obedience we guess. Teaches us how to walk on a loose lead, sit-stay, stand-stay, heel & not to bolt out of the door & to come when we're called, ya right, like that ones gonna happen! Just the basics, we think that's way more than plenty!!!!
Face Licks, M&M
Thanks Ao4 Macie likes those close ups! We get to walk in front when we're not doing our "homework", we like that much better!
Face Licks, M&M
I suggest just laying down and refusing to move until you are able to sniff the spot you want to sniff, and roll in a dead thing.

Meeshka-That's pretty much what Malechai does, the man get very angry, I just strut right by with the lady & laugh at him. Macie
M&M, I haven't had to go to doggie school, luckily, but my step-brother Samuel had to go when he was just a puppy. He failed the "heel" command and the "stay" command. He also thinks it's "required" that he is in front of everyone when we take our walks. If not, he pulls and runs until he gets in front. I don't know why people try to "train" us out of our "normal" behaviors. Humans.....just can't understand them!
M & M - as Turbo would say -


Absolutely you guys, we don't get it either, ya all picked sled dogs, hellooooo...
Face Licks, M&M
Awesome picture.

Training? What's that? I don't know the firstest thing about no schoolin'.
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