Sunday, October 01, 2006

No such luck you all, she's not giving up yet.

Seven weeks, Macie-left, Malechai-right
Starting to show off our personalities now.

Eight weeks Macie-left, Malechai-right
Our first meeting of the lady & the man.
Of course they ooohed & aahhhed over us
for hours! Gross!

Our first night in our new home.
They WOULD NOT leave us alone,
kissin' on us & goin' on about how sweet
we were & how we smelled like puppes, duh folks, we are!
The picture craziness will slow down from here a little,
she found that after she actually got us,
there wasn't time for pictures,
there was that stupid potty training fiasco goin' on.

We're going to make her rap this nightmare up,
you all have endured enough. She had way to
much time on her hands today. And she said that
blogger is still screwin' up (we think it's that
she's stupid), oh darn! If we woulda had
a gong we would've been hitting it way back
in week two. Goddnight & sweet chicken dreams!
Macie & Malechai


Those pics are just Soooooo cute:-)

Thank you Chuck, we think you're cute too (in a non Husky sort of way).
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