Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I'm NOT A "Sick Perv"!

In our hand out from "school" this week it was listing different things about a dogs body language, and I'll quote, "Mounting is used for mating (duh!) & also as displays of dominance. A dog wishing to vote himself alpha (in this case herself) dog will mount another dog of either sex as an act of self-assertion." See, I'm not a "sick perv" like my lady says! I'm just showing ol' stupido whose boss. I kept trying to tell the lady that it isn't like that, geesh he is my brother you know! Humans are so silly sometimes. I'm not really humping him here, this was just a bad ending (for Malechai) to a good round of FightClub. I'll back up a little, the lady bought some stinky plastic mats to put down where we run in at (as we refuse to stop for a towel) so I was trying to properly inspect it...
Malechai just wouldn't back off, soooooo... I tried to tell him nicely to stop, but would he? That's a big negative! I had no choice but to get down to business & remind him why, I am the Alpha!
Which then takes us back to the first picture, where I have finished him off & obviously I "dominate" him! WooWooWOOOOO!
Now the lady's trying to get me to make up with him cause he's POUTING cause he's A BIG SISSY BOY! Notice, me being cute & him being a big sad eyed weenie, he shouldn't start something he can't finish. It does stink to be him though, he just got beat up & mounted by a girl, now that's just funny!

The point of all this (besides to torture Malechai) is that the lady needs to stop calling me a sick perv everytime I "hump" my brother, as she has read (from her supposed human experts) for herself that I am merely reminding my brother that I "own" him.
Well everyhusky & fufu, it's time to go hit the lady's blanket with a good dose of "stink foot".
Sweet Dreams of little furry type critter things, The Queen of Everything That Is Malechai

Monday, November 20, 2006


Let's Talk About My Week...

WooWoo Everypupper, Malechai here. Macie went on & on about her week (it's always about "Miss Macie") and didn't even mention mine, not a huge surprise! While my Dad was sick my Mom got to train me all week. I really enjoyed this, I don't get to train much with her, she's always with Macie & I'm with my Dad. She took me out first every morning, which was all good, or so I thought, but then that meant I was the first one back in my yard, ALONE! I know alot of you will think I'm a huge wuss (I'm the lover of the two of us) but Macie & I have never been separated a day of our lives, never, ever & I gotta tell you all, it was freaky! OK, there was that time when they did the terrible "fixing" thing to us, but we were doped up the whole time & she was in the kennel right next to me. Anyway, something happened during all of this that I didn't even know was possible, I let out my first official WOOOOOOOO! Don't get me wrong, I've given little back talking woos before but never anything like this. It was the longest most sorrowful woo any husky could imagine. My Mom said it made the hairs stand up on the back of her neck when she heard it & she came running to see what it was, and it was ME! Of course, once I realized that I could make this beautiful sound I had to do it over & over. The neighbors probably didn't care to much for my serenade at 6:30 in the morning, but I couldn't help myself. After a few days of this, it kinda lost it's appeal with Mom & I had to tone it down a bit, but it's a good thing for a guy to know he can do!

Then, I had to go to a make up class for school on Saturday, cause I missed Mondays. Dad was well enough to take me for this one. Mom came to watch without Macie (didn't know if they would like her getting a "free" class or not). One of the teachers there has alot of German Shepherds & asked my Mom if she'd like to train one for him instead of just sitting & watching, I didn't care too much for that, get your own Mom! So that distracted me a little bit, my sister is one thing, but some strange girl, I had to watch & make sure she didn't do anything bad to my Mom.

While I was busy worrying about that, they pulled a fast one on me & started some weird "agility" stuff. Hey, I did NOT agree to running in long tubes barely big enough for me & scaling the side of the wall on some little triangle looking thing, I'm not Spiderman ya know! I absolutely refused to do the triangle thing with my Dad so my Mom had to come over & do it with me, I was SCARED & I wanted my Momma, there, I said it, it's true, I'm a wuss & I don't care (you all know I really just wanted her to leave that other dog, right?)!

It went a little better at tonight's class, it was all the dogs that I've been going to school with & the same teachers. And my sister was there so that helped alot, she went first (again, wanting it to be all about her) and I got to see exactly how it was done. She can say whatever mean stuff she wants about me (cause she's rude & hateful) but I lover her anyway & life is just better when it's the 2 of us together! Plus, she's not scared of anything & always has cool ideas of what games we should play! She said she has something planned for graduation but she won't tell me what it is, she says I would ruin the surprise, I would not! Oh woo, I'm sure it will be fun whatever it is.
Well, goodnight for now all & sweet giant bone filled dreams! Malechai (the nice one)

Sunday, November 19, 2006


WooWooWOOOOO! We're back!

Hi everydogster, we're back, FINALLY! After all the issues we've been having with blogger, we've switched to the new one. Only with the helpful woos from you all, thank you so much for all your suggestions about switching!
There's so much to catch up on. First I want to show you all my attempts at Yoga. I saw Fufu & Bibi doing it on their blog & decided to give it a go, Husky style.
I like to start with a little mild stretching, just to get good & limbered up.
And then it's straight to "Downward Dog with Upward Legs". This is a lot tricker than you may think, especially if you add the twist at the hip while jutting your legs up, like I'm displaying here. Ok, that's enough, I think I may have pulled a tail or something.
Malechai decided this was not going to be his new favorite sport so he's went back to practing on his couch balancing routine. First he stretches, preparing for his "mount".Oh, easy....
He's not doing too bad really, the back of our couch is very squishy so it takes nerves of steel to be able to balance just right without falling of the back & being immediately disqualified.
This is most generally his "dismount". I swear, he thinks he's a cat!

Alright, enough about him, I'm blogging solo today. Let's start with the man has been sick all week, started last Friday. What this means is that Malechai didn't have to go to school on Monday night. I went all alone with the lady & guess what?! I LOVED it! I didn't have to worry about what my stupid brother was doing, I was the only Husky, which of course meant that I was the most gorgeous!!!!! You see, some silly humans seem to think that my brother is prettier than me, OK I guess, if you like Giant Headed Freaks! So without him there it was all about me! I pranced with all my fluffiness, tail curled just perfectly & head held high. Of course, the other humans there were telling my lady what a great job she's been doing training me, but we all know, had I not felt like being cute & fluffy that night, she wouldn't have made me do so! I'll let her think what she wants for awhile, live it up lady, I have my payback planned, in about, oh lets say 4 weeks (that would be "Graduation"). We were all told the things that will be expected from us to graduate (I heard, yada yada yada), but one thing the teacher human said that caught my attention was, and I quote, "If your dog eliminates in any way in the ring during graduation it will be immediately disqualified", oh lady, do I have a surprise for you! Don't worry, I'm not going to do it until the very end, the lady will be so proud of me, I will have shown the world how smart & "trainable" we Huskies are, then I'm going to look right into my ladies eyes & poop right there on the spot! She will be furious (and unable to beat me might I add, since there will be an audience), I can see the different shades of red on her face as I blog this, it will be glorious!
Evil you may think, no, I say vengeful. I've bided my time since the whole cement on our fence thing, done well in "school" (and still no Dog Park, don't forget), walked like "other" dogs on my stupid "training collar", but now I've been shown the way to revenge, normally a dish best served cold, in this case, warm & steamy will do just as well! I know this means I won't graduate, but who cares! It will be worth it! Then maybe she will understand, once & for all that I am the Queen, (well at least of Malechai). All that would mean is that I'de have to take the class over but that wouldn't be so bad, now we've started to do some really cool "agility" stuff, goin though tubes, up big tall ramps & back down, There's even a seesaw thingy, it's really cool! I think if I timed it just right, I could send one of those little dogs flying off it! WooWoo! I better stop! Goodnight everypup! Miss MacieGrey

Tuesday, November 14, 2006



Well, now it's working this morning, who knows! We will try to post again tonight, keep your paws crossed for us everypup! It's been awhile since we've been able to get blogger to cooperate. Maybe we need to try the new one, heck, it can't be any worse than this one.
Have a Barkful day, M&M

Monday, November 13, 2006


This is soooo weird!

Hey everypup, yet again our stupid human needs help! For some reason we can only get to our blog from the Dogs With Blogs sight. When we try to get here from AOL or Internet Explorer we get a Internal Error/Error 500 message. Does anyone have any ideas? We emailed Turbo's Mom (of course) before we tried to get here from DWB. If anyone can help we would sure appreciate it. We really don't think our lady did anything this time...
Hoping for help woooos, Macie & Malechai

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Nothing much to blog about so how bout some pictures!

Look, I'm a cat! The man would really prefer that I not lay up here (something about being too big & breaking down the back of the couch) but I figure, the cats do it so why not me! I'm just a baby boy!

OK, how about standing on the back of the couch, I am the Queen ya know!

Fine, I'll sit down, kinda...

I do love to lay on the ladies blanket, specially with my stinky feet!
Me and the biped in the box, get out little boy (apparently he doesn't know that I am the Queen)!
Miss Queeny seems to think this is her own personal photo shoot, I'm a handsome boy & worthy of being seen too!

And nicer, I actually like to lay with the lady!

Well, hope you liked our "photo shoot", we're off to plan our days destruction, the weather is beautiful so we're thinkin' it's time to work on our hole diggin' skills, (they don't teach that in puppy class!). Ya all have a howlin' fine day! Macie & Malechai

Monday, November 06, 2006


Ah, Quitcher Bitchin'

Hi everypup, Malechai here. I'm sooooo tired of Macie whining about dog class. Lets get this straight, if she wasn't such a witch, WE wouldn't have to take classes! She brought this all on herself! I kinda like dog class, I get to strut around & show off how handsome I am & my Dad tells me what a good boy I am, lots better than getting yelled at! She doesn't like it because she doesn't think we should have to listen to anyone, I know it's for our own good though, kinda like the fence deal, that was ALWAYS her idea, I'm just kinda a follower, and all that got us was trouble! And as for this "Vulcan DeathGrip", it is sooooo not that serious, my Mom had to show my Dad, he couldn't find it, all it is, is a little pressure behind the back of our shoulder blades, you can barely feel it, it's just a reminder of what we're supposed to do. Again, Macie's just a cry baby & doesn't like to listen. She even tries to bite our Dad sometimes when he wants to pet her & she doesn't feel like it, our Mom just aggravates her more when she tries that with her, it's really funny, she lays on top of Macie & the more Macie complains, the longer Mom lays there, it's great!
This weekend our favorite boy came over & we got maul him for several hours, he has a high pitched giggle that makes us go crazy & he tries to run from us so that makes the game of chase begin (our Mom lets us run in the house). Here he is...
Maulin' on the floor, we got him!

Maulin' him on the couch (you can run, but you can't hide little boy!)
Now we gotcha! It really was fun, Macie had to get in the kennel with him, did I mention she doesn't share well either! I was going to show you some more pictures but yet again, BLOGGER IS STUPID! So goodbye for now fellow puppers, Dog classes tonight, woowoo! I'm gonna make my stupid sister look even stupider when I do down-stay perfect & she has to be wrestled to the ground! Have a great day, we're off to go spend it outside in the leaves, fun fun fun!
Malechai The Good Son (Or suckup as I'm sure Meeshka would say)

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