Saturday, October 21, 2006


Why Can't Everyday Be Saturday?!

WooWoo Puparoos! Today has been an excellent day! As soon as the lady got up we got to come in & spent the WHOLE morning loungin' around with her. She made us some tasty eggs & cheese with our breakfast & then treated us to a rawhide bone for a mid morning snack. Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, her & the man got out the leashes & we got to take them for a really long walk. We've been doing a much better job on our walks (we were hoping they might reconsider the dog class thing). Afterwards she got the mower thingy out & cut our yard (she stepped in so much poop she even had it on her jeans, we found this very amusing!).

Once we felt the yard had been maintenanced to our liking, we decided they could have a break. This is the man & the only reason we care is, see that glass he has, it has SPRITE in it! We care for Sprite very much!

Here we are having a little lick of this wonderful liquid, looks like water, but oh man is it better!

I was really enjoying my drink......And then Macie had to inform me that she had licked her butt right before her drink (of course she was first). She said she thought the man would be taking the next drink, either way she's just RUDE & HATEFUL!
Kinda ruined the rest of it for me.
Blogger is being stupid so we will post this one & try again...
I've never had Sprite. Once I had orange juice and I liked that.

You're right about blogger being stupid last night. I couldn't visit blogs and post comments!
Wow, it looks like you had a great day! It was rainy here, too, and after seeing Amber's post about how we were trying to pass the day, we got to go on another long walk after all. She's a GREAT kid sister!
I've never had Sprite - does it taste like watermelon?
Turbo, we never had orange juice but we get oranges & man are those good, probably our favorite!
No Dave, doesn't taste a thing like watermelon but we promise, it's good stuff! You guys just make sure you get your drink first! And yes blogger was a real pain in the, you know what, last night, we hate that! Face Licks, M&M
Way to go Macie! Always lick your butt FIRST! That almost always will guarantee that everything is yours! I do that every chance I get!
Hey Malechai, the drink looked nice. Too bad about Macie licking her butt before that. Hee..
And you guys sounded like you had a great breakfast and snack

~ fufu
Magnum here, Saturdays are great for guilt-induced fun from Mama. Last night Mama was trying to help Shadow post her first blog and Mama said a lot of words I will not repeat in case puppies are reading this.
Hi Lucy! That did work out pretty good!
Hi fu fu, you gott get you some Sprite!
Hi Magnum (that's Malechai's middle name, by the way), hope your Mama gets Shadows blog going!
Face Licks, M&M
Hee hee, you two are so funny! Once I had some Sprite before they grabbed the glass. It made me burp a lot!
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