Sunday, December 31, 2006


Happy New Year!

WooWoo Puppers & fufu! Happy New Year!!! We're going to back track a little as we haven't blogged in awhile. Lets go back to the Thursday before Christmas....We got to meet our Aunt Netta for the first time & woodywoowoo did we ever like her! She came & stayed with us for a few days & brought us treats, check these mambojambo chewies she brought us.

And as if that wasn't enough she also whipped out a brand new roll of toilet paper for us, how did she know that was one of our favorite games?! We got to shred that at will, something the lady frowns on normally, but hey, tis the season, right?
Oh boy! Did we mention, we really like this lady?! But wait, something has went terribly wrong, the next day look what she did to us.

Yes, she shirted us! Hey lady, what happened, we were getting along so well, what's with the clothes?! As you can all see, neither of us cared for this new game AT ALL! No one has ever tried to put clothes on us before & we think it's safe to say that we won't be going out & purchasing any dog outfits any time soon! We've seen on Meeshka's blog that some people put shirts on their dogs during storms & that calms them down, we don't see how, there was NOTHING calming about this experience! Of course her & our lady got a good laugh, humans find the strangest things funny.

Besides the clothing catastrophe, we enjoyed our meeting of Aunt Netta immensely! We hope we get to see her again very soon, unfortunately she lives down in southern Missouri (anypup familiar with Bolivar, MO?) so it will probably be summer before we get to see her again. When she left, we were so sad we layed by the door she went out the rest of the night, just incase she came back so we could be sure & "greet" her again properly!This was us when we first met, we even wooed at her, she liked that alot & let us climb all over her. We will miss her!

So, then after 2 long naps, it was Christmas morning. We got to have those red & green things that have been on the wall torturing us for several days! Hee Haw look at all this stuff. Would this be considered "Booty" pirate pups?

There was all kinds of chewies & squeeky toys ( we have already "killed" one of them), it was hard to decide what to do first. That's something we are both in agreement on, we LIKED Christmas ALOT! We thought Thanksgiving was good but it doesn't have anything on Christmas!

Sorry all, but the lady is making us go, they have some silly human only party to go to. What fun will that be without us?! Have a safe & Happy New Year all!

Until Next Time, Kind Face Licks To All, Macie & Malechai

Monday, December 18, 2006


Mmmmmmm, Christmas Cookies!

Apparently, every year, our Mom & Lucyloo's Mom get together & make Christmas cookies. They spend 1 night at home baking the cookies & then the next night they get together & decorate them all. While doing this they drink this yellow stuff that smells like dirty socks, don't ask us, we thought we were the only ones that liked socks, but whatever. Maybe you guys have seen it?
This was a full bottle when they started. Lets just say by the end of the night, we could've made prettier cookies! It takes them about 12 hours to get them all done & they play Christmas Movies & Christmas Music the ENTIRE time.

Now ask if we got ANY of these delicious smelling sugary delights, NO! Not one single morsel. Then as if that wasn't enough, they made all kinds of chocolates & candies & we were denied all of that too. Where's our Christmas cookies?!

Luckily for us there's our lady's friend Beth who came over during the candy making & brought us each a HUGE bone! She's a super human! We forgot all about the other stuff, wait a minute, maybe that's what they wanted us to do?! Cats! Now it's all put away in huskyproof containers, we're going to have to rethink these bone offerings in the future! Better run for now & see if we can drag any of those containers off the counter. Sugary Dreams ! M&M

Oh Christmas Tag, Oh Christmas Tag...

WooWoo everyhusky & as always, fufu! We've been taged by Kat & Steve & Kelsey & Smokey. For all of you that have had sugar plums dancing in your heads, here's the rules: You have to list 3 things that you do want for Christmas & 3 things that you do not want for Christmas & then pick 5 friends to tag. We'll start with Macie (because as you all know I am the Queen (of everything that is Malechai that is)).
3 Things That I Do Want For Christmas
1. SNOW!
2. More SNOW!
3. Um, let's see, SNOW!
3 Things That I Do Not Want For Christmas
2. Rain
3. Anymore STUPID Cats!

OK, now Malechai's turn, as I am the most patient, kindest, handsomest boy ever (my Mom says so).
3 Things That I do Want For Christmas
1. Chicken Treats
2. A Tasty Furry Critter of some sort would be nice
3. Oh & of course, SNOW, LOTS OF SNOW!
3 Things That I Do Not Want For Christmas
1. Celery
2. A Bath
3. Another Sister!
Now we would like to tag:
Meeshka(because she loves the tags game sooo much)

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Gone, All GONE!

Well it's official, all the wonderful snow is GONE! No one told us that it melted. It's been a slow agonizing melt too, everyday when we wake up & go outside, a little more has gone. We sat outside today & just watched it melt & there was nothing we could do to stop it. The only bonus is now the ground is getting really muddy (always a good thing). Our lady has also gotten rather sad, everyday mumbling about how if she wanted to have 60 degrees & sun in December she would live in Florida & of course this leads into the "global warming" rant again...

Besides the heat wave, we have been learning about something called Christmas. First, they brought up this big water bowl, OK we have like a gazillion water bowls but whatever. Oh, it wasn't for us come to find out. No instead they brought a tree inside & put it in it, very strange. But again, OK, this is kinda cool, they're bringing the outdoors in for us. No, no not for us at all! They've flipped! They put lights all over it, now why would you ruin a perfectly good tree & water bowl?! Then they put all these shiny balls & stuff on it, of course, not for us either. What in the world is going on here? You've brought in this tree that has taken up half of our play area & we can't drink out of it's bowl or play with any of the balls on it! So far, not diggin' the Christmas deal. Just look at it, it takes up way too much room!
Here's me, Malechai trying to squeeze into my spot next to the lady's chair, stupid tree!

And it keeps getting worse, the lady comes home late every night with more stuff that she keeps putting under it which takes up even more room.We did notice that last night something cool got put up for us.See the red & green things, they're for us & something in them smells yummy. Lets look a little closer...OK, so maybe this Christmas deal won't be that bad.

(Did anypup notice that there are no stockings thingys for the stupid cats, ha, we rule!)
Hey, we saw that new pups have joined the Husky Ring, very cool, we remember being as little as them. Welcome Steve & Kat! You guys sure are cute! Here I am (Macie) when I was your age and now. My markings have changed alot and I've gotten darker.

I (Malechai) haven't changed that much, I'm darker & I've gotten ALOT bigger. At least I've finally grown into my ears, haroooooo!

Our humans can't wait to see what the finished "products" will be. Gorgeous like Huskies are is all we're sure of.
Well, everyhusky & fufu, we have to get to bed. It's going to be sunny tomorrow so we may as well make the best of it & go out & dig in the mud, so we gotta rest up. Keep your paws crossed for more glorious snow!
Face Licks, M&M

Tuesday, December 05, 2006



WooWOOOOO everyhusky & fufu! Finally the snow has come & in great abundance. The lady thinks we got about 13 or so inches. She loves us so much that she took us out for a walk right in the middle of the blizzard, it was GREAT! We actually got 2 walks that day (Friday) the 2nd time was with the man too. Here we are, the humans had to keep stopping for a break, apparently they have a hard time when the snow is up to their kneecaps, boy were they "panting"! We're actually standing in what used to be the road.When we first got up Friday morning (at 5:00am to the lady running around & yellin' WE GOT SNOW!) we weren't so sure about all the white stuff, we wouldn't even go out, then the lady put on her boots & came out with us & we LOVE THE SNOW! We found the deepest drifts & jumped right in & stuck our faces in it, now we know what all the woos have been about. Here's Macie begging to go back out in it.Now that the "newness" has worn off, we do choose to come back in the house where it's warm. The man keeps telling the lady that she's ruined us, now we want to be house dogs. Hey buddy, you go lay out there with the wind whippin' around, it's cold!
As you can see I (Malechai) like it better than Macie, I lay right in it. The lady says my coat is different than Macie's, mine is much thicker & fluffier than hers, she has a thinner more wirier coat, so she always wants to come in before me. Then I lay right in front of the fan while she curls up on the couch with the ladies afghan.
Sorry about posting the previous picture without any update, the lady was trying to post this picture to our profile & can't get it to work (of course). We're so sorry Ao4, Holly, MawPaw and Fufu that you didn't get any of the glorious snow, we would gladly mail you some, we have plenty. Lucyloo, you have your own snow we know, you just live a little ways away from us, maybe you could help us mail some out to these guys?!
OK then we're off to start gathering the goods for you guys, we'll say some snowy prayers for all of you that got robbed!
Snowy Woos, M&M

Sunday, December 03, 2006


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