Wednesday, October 11, 2006



Hi again everyone, M&M's Mom here. So I get home from work & my husband has the concrete mixer out (NEVER a good thing). Yes, he has now concreted the fence into the ground. I guess that's better than concreting my dogs into the ground. Of course it poured here last night, I don't know how this effects concrete (I'm afraid to look)...What a mess! Thank you all for your help, AGAIN! We will now return to our normally scheduled program, "The Demon Dogs", but I do love them!!!!!!!
Mx2's mom: We have a concrete "mow strip" the length of our fence. :) It's fabulous - very safe, plus makes a nice, neat boundary/edge. See if this link to one of our photos works for you.
You can see part of the fence/concrete strip.
Mom/personal assistant to the Ao4
Very nice Ao4, needless to say, ours DOES NOT look like that, my hubby was pretty "miffed" when he got home & started this project. I will post pictures sometime. M&M"s Ma
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