Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Who Is This Marcie & What Has She Done With My Sister?!

Haroooo everypup & fufu, Malechai here. All though it's against my better judgement, I went ahead & posted this picture of Macie at 5 weeks old, just because I feel it shows how truly evil she was from the very get go. Look at her, all ready to attack, she's thought she was the s**t from the beginning, it's no wonder I've had such a hard time dominating her! I think that today I have finally been victorious however. We just got word from Raisa in our comments that we are being featured this month on the Husky Ring, wooowoooo. Now for the funny part, they spelled Macie's name, MARCIE, again woowoooooo! I think it's woolarious, of course she's pouting & doesn't want to blog right now, wha I say, that's what she gets, if this doesn't show her (in writing if I might add) that I am superior to her (after all, mine is the hardest to spell & it's spelled correctly) I don't know what else would. I am a little confused though, Raisa said we would be the April feature & it still shows Steve & Kat, that's OK with me though, I love looking at those little pups!
So anywoo, wanna see the Easter card I got for Macie? I thought it was funny! She didn't find the humor in it, I tried to find one about stinky paws (Her paws are stiiiinky!) But I figured this one pretty much covered everything, Haroooooo! Our Mom got us a GREAT Easter present, check these out, gianormous femur bones straight from the butcher.

Dog, they were tasty! We only got to have them while being "supervised" though, have one little tiff with your stupid sister & then you have to be watched all the time, sheesh! Do I look like a Dog who has anything other than that bone on my mind, come on now. Oh, gotta go, Macie's going outside & I gotta make sure she doesn't get my spot.

Woo at you pups later, Malechai

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