Sunday, October 08, 2006


Woooooo To Meeshka!

Oh EveryHusky, it's a good day today, Meeshka has finally deemed that we are HULA worthy! As you all know, this is not an easy honor to come by. We feel very privileged to have been accepted at such an early age, we truly have been working hard! Meeshka is how we even found all of you, our lady had entered us on The Daily Puppy, & that's where we saw Meeshka for the first time & went to her blog...and here we are only months later, official HULA members! WOOOWOOO, it's good to be Husky!
Which leads us to our day today, we were pure EVIL! Those stupid humans of ours keep thinking that they've got the fence all figured out, and try as we may to wait & be patient, WE CAN'T! WE MUST DIG AT THE FENCE!!!!We have literally almost driven the lady insane, (we really don't want to take it to that level, she does feed us). They were trying to put up some new screen door (which looked heavy) & we'de wait till they looked really busy & head for the fence, (we've found another weakness in their so called "fortress"), this would've all been fine but we can't seem to not rattle the fence while digging under it. So here comes the lady (she's already crabbed up from having to do a "project" with the man) screamin' like a banshee. We leave the area, go act interested in something else, wait for it, go back to the fence & dig like hell! Repeat 3 or 4 more times, (now her face is a deep shade of red & the mans getting ticked too, this is a GREAT game) so in the house they threw us. Game over?
NOT! The lady has a great big plant in the house that has huge looking ears, she just repotted it, nice fresh dirt....need we say more? Then we got her slippers that look like fluffy cows, which look just like our toys, (really not our fault), oh, you want to play chase me for the slippers, OK, can you leap the couch in a single bound too, didn't think so, yep, back outside. You'll never guess what happened then, uh hu, back to the fence, now it's dark & and you will have to come & get us! She stepped in some poo while trying to coral us, (she acted like we personally smeared it on the bottom of her shoes), look where you're going lady, you don't see us stepping in it, geesh! Apparently we will be spending the night in the kitchen, what, we thought we were playing! Sometimes she has no sense of humor. It's about time to "go potty", she's looking mighty comfy, hey it's really not over till we decide, no matter what she may think. Goodnight everydog, sweet hole diggin' dreams! Macie & Malechai
Oh.. Macie & Malechai you guys are funny. Try not to get the lady too mad ok. ;)

~ fufu
Good job, guys!
Good job and congrats on being part of HULA! We salute you!
The Ao4
We just found your blog, you guys rock!!! Dig, dig, dig it.
Awww shucks you guys are making us blush! Thank you, we'll try to continue to make ya all proud!
Face Licks, M&M
I certainly enjoy the mining of poo in strategic areas and the poo shuffle the humans do.

Good job.

Whatever you do, don't go to the human woman's other blog

because the evil human woman shared her secret on how to husky proof a fence. Its EVIL.

We are going to add a link to your blog on our site.
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