Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Long time no woo everypup! We've started to post several times but we're starting to think our Mom has that A.D.D. thingy, she just can't seem to stay on the task at paw. Most times she lets us start & then decides we have to get off so she can upload more pictures of us, which then turns into her spending hours editing them, next thing you know, we've lost interest. We just can't believe we haven't wooded since August, so much has happened we really don't even know where to begin. First the human wanted to know if someone can tell us how to post videos (ya, cause another distraction is truly what she needs). Also, have you pups noticed that not one of those pictures has been posted here, see it's all a bunch of hooey, she lures us off with the temptation of adding pictures of us (we do like to see ourselves) and then doesn't even do that.

Hopefully, everypup & their humans are all well! We are woorific over this way. Spring is springing around here, which is good we guess, we would rather there be snow all year round, but she won't move us to Alaska like we've wooed for her to. We just wish it didn't mean summer was coming, it gets so hot here that we have to stay inside all the time in the air conditioning. The good news is that it usually means 2 walks a day since it's not dark when she gets home, so we're all good with that!

Oh, she's starting to get distracted again, so we're going to go ahead & post this one before she throws us off. We promise we'll get get some new photos of our full grown fluffiness soon, you all probably don't even remember what we look like it's been so long. We'll also have to share our experience at SuperPets with a REALLY mean lady the next time, we thought our lady was gonna punch her out.

Until next time, wooooooooooo! M&M

PS Notice the date this was started was in February, it's actuall March 25th today, see what we mean, geesh!

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