Monday, October 23, 2006


About These Dog Classes...

Let us just begin with the fact that there are no others like us at the dog classes. Not that this is totally bad as we are the fluffiest ones there. However, there is this one dog that belongs to the teacher lady, so NOT nice! You would think the teachers dog would at least be well behaved, not so much. We steered clear from her grumpy butt. Speaking of butts, no sniffing of any at all tonight, can you all believe that?! We even insisted that our lady brush our rears real good as we just knew there would be sniffing, and no, none! So none of us even got to properly introduce ourselves, that's a bunch of cat hooey if you ask us. There was also this little white poodle, we don't know what in the heck was wrong with the little guy but he kept standing on his hind legs & wailin' his front paws around and cry, man this dog could cry! We had to be separated right off the bat ourselves, we had a little trouble concentrating when we were to close. But we got the hang of it all pretty quick, prance around in a circle & look fluffy & then stop for a minute for praise & admiration & then prance around some more...If this is all it takes to get to the dog park, we can do it! Well fellow dogsters, we are beat, all that "following rules" stuff is exhausting! It's getting down to 28 tonight so we're pretty excited to get out & "cool" off, the lady's got the stupid heat on in here tonight, grow some fur lady!!! Dreaming of Snow, Macie & Malechai
That is how it starts. I took classes with Mama and I liked prancnig in a circle, but later Mama would say Down and I would look my fuzziest and then Mama would get loud and yell DOWN and I would try to be fuzzier and prancier but nothing pleased her. At the end Mama said I got my CGC and she was proud, but boy was it confusing for a while.
We walked past a class at our side of the park once. All the regular dogs were walking around in a circle. In the center was a Siberian, just sitting there, letting everyone walk around her. We thought it was some kind of worship service or something, with everypup paying homage to the Siberian. Did you guys do anything like that?
Woo and luv,
mapaw, we don't even know what a CGC is, we are going to these because apparently we have no manners, whatever that means, it better mean the dog park in the end!
Dave, no we didn't do that but Macie was asked to "volunteer" when we were learning about not darting out the door. She did like having all eyes on her though, she had a HUGE head the rest of the night!
Face Licks, M&M
When I went to puppy school, we had play time. I liked that!
Turbo, no butt sniffin' AND no play time, isn't that a crock?! Did we mention we were the fluffiest though....
NO BUTT SNIFFING? How on earth are you suppose to get to know these other dogs? Are you expected to just do stuff without a proper introduction?


Thank you Meeshka, our thoughts exactly, just stupid!
I am not allowed at the dog park because sometimes I confuse Yorkies for squirrels. Sorry Yorkies! I was promised a bagel, but I am still waiting for it.
We can see where you might get confused mapaw! We have that problem with the stupid cats, ok, we know they're cats but we would like to treat them like squirrels!
How long you been waiting for that bagel, tell them to GIVE IT UP! A promise is a promise!
Fave Licks, M&M
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