Friday, August 25, 2006


Is it any wonder we're so darn cute?!

Just a little "background" history for ya... This is our Mom & Dad (yes, the real ones). On the Left is our Mom, Corrie and on the Right is our Dad, DJ. There were lots of kids & plenty of green grass to run around in on the farm that we came from. Mom & Dad are still there, they have a human too, she's pure Husky people! We have some very pretty sisters also, they went to separate homes. We wish we could have all stayed together but not many humans are willing or can afford to have 4 of us. Luckily for us, our new "parents" actually wanted 2. So we got to stay together, thank goodness, cause we have pretty much hung together since the very beginning.

These are our sisters Raja & Arie with their new owners. Told ya they were pretty! Looks like they've found good homes too, wonder if they have a sandbox like ours? This is only half of ours, it's around a big tree, the man had to build us some stairs to get in it but we won't need them for much longer.

Speaking of sandboxes, have we mentioned how much fun these are?! Not only are they great to dig in but they also serve as a nice place to poop! Our people tried & tried to get us to not "potty" in there, but now that we see what the cats already knew... You don't have to walk around in circles for 5 minutes to get your spot matted down (so as to not tickle your bum), it's wonderful! The only downfall is now the lady won't let the little kids that come over get in it with us. We don't know why, she goes around with a scooper thing & gets the poo out, what's the big deal?
We like to run around in here as fast as we can right after we get in the pool, this drives the lady crazy, what the heck did she think was going to happen, water + sand = muddy dogs, even we can do that math, come on now! Then there's the hole digging which usually leads to "Fight Club". Neither of us is going to be out dug by the other, so as one of us digs the other backs right up to the hole & or face & starts throwin' sand top speed. Well, you can imagine the riot this starts, nobody likes to get sand in the face.
Lately we have started our tunnel to Alaska (that "pipeline"thing has to be somewhere) under & around the humans deck. We like this much better as we finally figured out that we weren't going to get there via the sandbox (somehow the holes keep filling in). Plus this is actual dirt, yea buddy, there's nothin' quit like it! Nice cool dirt!!! You dig a hole in this stuff & it's still there when you come back later & if you're real lucky, it will rain in the mean time! Oh yea, mud hole here we come! Hey, they said we could dig under there the first day they brought us home, silly humans, apparently they didn't know that we are professional excavaters! Well, we have to go, time for bed, maybe we can con the lady out of a snack...
Yep, it's official - you two are DEFINATELY cute, and "double trouble" I reckon :-)


i am the most jealous dog on this big brown planet

your sand box is SOOOOO cool!

Im gonna go bite my dad until he makes me one of those!

Hey again guys,

I just edited my blog and put a "shout out" to you two on there, so you will get lots of visitors now :-)

Hey guys! Woooo! Have you joined the husky bloggers list yet? There's a link on my blog! I look forward to reading more!
Hi -
Wow. That sand box is cool!
Can I come over and play?

Hey, would you mind linking to the Harnessed to Hope Foster Dogs Blog?
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