Friday, August 25, 2006


Mastering Our People

VICTORY IS OURS! We have finally trained our human in how to properly walk a Husky. Last night was our most successful walk with her yet. She understands now that we do not care to walk next to her, we are sled dogs, we are supposed to be in the lead! Since we've made that clear she has stopped trying to choke us to death & we have stopped trying to pull her down the street. It all went bad when she started watching that Dog Whisperer guy, she should've taken notice to the fact that he never has puppies or Huskies on his show. Why, because we don't respond well to yanking us, she can be the "Alpha"(she does bring the food) all we want is a few feet, then she's not tripping over us & vice versa. Soooo we had to do a little human reprograming.
Even though we have come to an understanding, she's still been talking to the man about obedience classes, we think she's crazy but what do we know?! Go ahead lady, waste your money, maybe we'll get to make a few new friends. Apparently we have 1 more month of freedom before these classes start, we have to be 6 months old, should be interesting or at the least, very intertaining. We have cousins that go & they love it, 1 is a German Shepherd & the other is an Austrailan Shepherd, we sure hope our "Mom" isn't expecting the same results from us, not gonna happen! We'll humor her for awhile just incase there might be some chicken treats involved, if there's no treats, she'll get tricks all right!
We gotta say, this getting these humans trained is a full days work! They're coming along nicely though. They tell us all the time how much they love us & kiss on us, this makes for a great opportunity for full on frontal face licking! They're rather tasty! It's probably not to soon to assume that we have achieved domination over them. Even when we do this, a few flashes of the baby blues & well, they're pretty much over it.
We finished this beauty while they were at work today, nice eh?! Usually we get to be outside while they're at work but it's been way to hot for our furriness & honestly, we just don't care for our crate, strange, we know. They put it in here & all it does is take up our nice cool floor & we can't get to the air vents. We heard them say at they start that the kitchen would be the cheepest room in the house to have to "redo".......... Well, it's about time to go get a snack, goodnight friends!
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