Monday, August 21, 2006


Hello, pleased to meet you!(The human lady made us say it)

Howdy to all our dog buds out there! We are new to the blog business but our "Mom" (we humor her, she brings the food) just thought we needed to do this. We would like to thank Meeshka for turning our human onto this. Meeshka is our idol! It's important for young pups to have good roll models & from what our human has read to us, sounds like Meeshka knows all the cool husky stuff that our "parents" aren't about to tell! We are 5 month old Huskies & all that that implies. We came from a breeder in Iowa, our "parents" drove for 3 1/2 hours to get us which, in turn, meant we had to ride back crammed in the back of a little Jeep with this goofy human ooohing & aaahing all over us, YUCK! Get off us lady! That was in May.
Once we arrived at our new digs we decided the humans might not be too bad after all. We had a HUGE yard fully equipped with a giant sand box, a dirt hiding place under their deck (that we are allowed to dig in all we want), a great big dog house with a deck (that we never go in) & our own swimming pool. At first she tried to put us in a big cage kinda thing at night, but we weren't having that, we cried & threw ourselves against it & fought between each other until she let us out. Of course we weren't house trained, soooooo, we'd rather not discuss that, it was kinda embarrassing! It's all good now, we know we can only go outside to do that or the female human looses her mind! We kinda like her, as we said, she brings the food & walks us. The man, not so much, he just pets us when he comes home, ok, he's not too bad. These people also have 5 cats, they do not like us & well, we don't really care too much for them either! They are very snotty & don't want to play at all, they just make a strange hssss sound, we're pretty sure that's not cat for hello! Well, gotta run, it's about time for dinner! Until next time, no tasting the cats!
Welcome young pups!

I saw your handiwork on the wall near the electrical outlet... gotta watch out for that whole electricity thing, but otherwise a very admirable job on the wall! Couches are much more fun, you should concentrate on large pieces of furniture, or items the humans deem "precious". Also, don't be fooled by the big sandbox, they just want you to dig there. Find some pretty flowers and unearth them, the humans will really like that.

You two are so lucky to be together. Two huskies can outsmart any human any day of the week. I admire your work on the electrical outlet too. When I was six months old I dug a hole in my humans' mattress. Needless to say, I had to dig through the bottom sheet and the mattress pad to get through to the springs. I wish that my humans had been smart enough to take a picture of my creation but no one did.:-( Your humans seem to be well-trained already!
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