Wednesday, August 30, 2006


All In A Days Walk

Ahhhh, the cool weather has come & we are back to walking ALOT! This is what we do right after words. Most times the lady lets us back in our yard so we can get in the pool & cool off. Nothin like runnin around with your face completely submerged in cold pool water after a long walk. The man came out today & scrubbed our pool, just when you get the right combination of sand & dirt mixed in there, here they come to wash it out. It's funny really, lets see, we have a giant sandbox and lots of dirt and they act like rinsing out the pool is going to keep us clean, silly humans! We let them though cause the cold water from the hose is the best. Once we are good & wet & of course dirty, we like to demand to be let back in the house by scratching on the window looking doors that lead into our peoples room. After that it's on to the cool kitchen floor in front of the fan, it is a good life!

The man actually came on our walk with us tonight, this doesn't happen very often, usually we just get the lady. It wasn't too bad though, he likes to walk faster than the lady, but we don't get to be right next to each other like when it's just her. Not to mention, it's big fun to drag her around! Since it's been nicer outside, there have been a lot more dogs out in their yards. There are some of them that aren't going to be our new best friends, we can tell. They charge at their fences & say some pretty mean things. The lady must speak a little dog cause she always keeps us at the other side of the road. We like it best when we go in the woods or through some tall grass areas. There's lots more to smell than on the stupid street. If it were up to us, there would be no streets, just grass, dirt, rocks....Oh, got a little side tracked.

Hey, we been meaning to mention, we figured out early on that the sandbox was a "ploy" to get us not to dig in other spots. For the most part, we are always in our yard, but, in the summer they let us in the big pool with them. This is a entirely different part of the yard that is fenced off to us. We like it in here a lot. They had it all nice with their tasty little flower beds & well, lets just say, had, is the operative word here. We were able to knock this one out in about, oh, 2 minutes. Apparently, the lady is having some difficulties with the computer again so we will have to post this picture at another time. It's a dandy. She says sometimes it will let her post more than 1 picture & then sometimes it won't. Dang human contraptions! Now she's aggravated so we have to sign off.

You're lucky to have a big pool! Can I come over for a swim?
You guys sure look comfortable just lazing around ! Can you send some of the cool weather my way ? It's getting hot out here in Oz and I hate the heat !

Oh they look so tired!! The blog looks great!

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