Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Hi New Friends!

We have finally allowed that woman back on the computer. Boy what a disaster, we still haven't figured out how to get back on to that cool Husky Blogger Ring though. All in good time...
We just wanted to give a howl out to all our new friends! Thank you for "introducing" us Opy! So far we have we have met Kaluah, Raisa (thank you for your help with the Husky Blogger Ring, we are waiting to get the code again), Turbo, Chuck, Dakota, IndyPindy, Koda & Meeshka. We are very excited to have met you all! Hopefully that will be the good thing about these "puppy classes" that we keep hearing about, wonder if there will be any other huskys?! Until next time, stay away from the birds, we hear they're not good to eat right now (ground squirrels might be tasty).
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