Monday, August 21, 2006


And now a word from the Queen of Everything! (Or at least Malechai)

So funny, did Malechai really think he was going to be the only one to speak, PALEEZE! We need to clear a few things up right off the bat!
1. He doesn't let me do anything, I kick his butt fair & square!
2. Just look at us & it's perfectly clear that I am the MOST beautiful & of course smartest.
3. If one of us is going to lead anything, let me assure you that it will be me! He does good to find his way to the sandbox!
Ok, that's much better! He just drives me crazy, always trying to throw his weight around, fat cow! Then when I get on him, he starts whining to the human lady & she actually takes his side! Unreal! I will say this, he is good at getting those tissues though & most times I can get my share before he hogs them all down. Have I mentioned that he doesn't chew his food, it's gross really, just swallows it whole. Sometimes when the lady gives us blueberries, he poops them whole! He's been getting in trouble lately for eating rocks, never guess how the humans found out about that one, yep in the poop! The lady keeps trying to tell him that there gonna get stuck & he's gonna end up with some operation or something like that, again see the end of #2 up there, not the smartest one...
Enough about him, I want to talk about ME! I would have to say one of my most favorite things to do is con Malechai out of the air vent! He falls for it everytime, first I start with a few short yipps, giving him a fair chance to surrender before anyone gets hurt, but noooooo. So then I go for his favorite stupid lamb, it makes a terrible noise that I really can't stand, but I can take it if it gets him off the vent, sometimes this works, sometimes not. If not then the last resort is to go over to the otherside of the refrigerator were he can't see me & act like I see a cat. That, my friends, does it everytime! He just can't stand it, has to come over & get in my business, so while the dumby stands there looking for the cat, I go over & take the vent, VICTORY IS MINE! Most times this ends up in "Fight Club", I'm sure the big baby mentioned that in his earlier ramblings!
Dang, I have to go, the lady says it's potty time, I think we know when we have to pee...she must be ready for bed, whatever! Tatta for now...
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