Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Fight Club

Step right up, get your tickets folks, it's "Fight Club". It's what our people refer to this as. Me I call it, Shut Your Big Giant Hole Macie! And well, all I'm thinking is dang brother, have you been eating poo, you're breath is kickin'! (The expression on my face should be enough to convey to you all how bad it really does smell. ) We like to do this most of all, it's just our way of expressing how much we care (yea, that's what it is)! Most times the lady will let us go to it, but then sometimes she starts hollering somethin' about go to your separate corners, not happening, she does it just when things are starting to get good.

We find this game most entertaining while she's in the kitchen with us trying to cook dinner. We've almost managed to get her on the ground with us a few times, oooh that would be great, then we could mall her & lick all the good food off her fingers! They get to eat all kinds of tasty smellin' stuff, we never get any of it, she has us on some natural diet. It's not all bad though, we do get salmon or sardines in our breakfast most days, sometimes even eggs! Then there's all the fruit, apples, blueberries, oranges (oh how we LOVE oranges!), bananas, gotta say we're to hip on those, what's with the mushiness, YUCK! People actually eat those things, ewww! Carrots, spinach...Ok, enough with the food, oh but wait, the chicken breast jerky things are the bomb, ok there.

Here lately the lady has been making us stay inside due to the heat. At first we were not at all impressed & just to show them how much we disapproved we created this little

masterpiece right in the hallway across from the bathroom. Give it up fellow Huskies, you all know this is a beauty! We didn't think we did to bad for our first try & only being 5 months old! The people really didn't get as mad as we had expected. We heard the lady telling the man about how all the research she had done before they got us said that we were known for such antics. Hey we'd hate to prove the experts wrong! Just doing the "Husky thing". Actually that wall stuff doesn't taste all that great. Plus, we've been outside to pee & all & let's just say, it's HOT!
She set us up on the cool floor in the kitchen with air vents & a fan blowing right on us. We were pretty much outside puppies before this so we had no idea of what we were missing! If she thinks she's going to throw us back outside anytime soon, she's crazy! It's since we've been inside that we have discovered Kleenex, soap, magazines & lots of other wonderful finds, who knew! So we've laid off of the walls & trim, for now anyway, we dig it inside! We only get to go in the other room were the big jumpy mountain thing is, when she is right with us. Normally she sits on this thing but not when we come in, then it's King of the Mountain time! We get her to move off pretty quick. Why would you ever want to just sit on it when you can jump over it & throw each other off, sheesh!

Hot Dog the lady just said it was time for our walk! She likes to go early in the morning & after the sun goes down at night. That's ok with us (all but the early part) cause then it's not so dang hot. Till next time, may all your yummy tissues be snotty!
Wow, nice work on the wall there! Have you signed up for the Husky Bloggers Ring? You can do it on Meeshka's blog or on my blog. My humans and I volunteer for Harnessed to Hope too! I was lucky enough to meet Meeshka last may.

Your new friend,
You two are sooo cute, guess you can get away with most anything. King of the mountain is my favorite game too. I play with my sister so mom never really even sits on the couch anymore. We let her have a chair that is all hers though.
Hi Macie and Malachai, You two have great names. I loves a name that begins with M!

Thanks for the snotty tissue wishes. When I was a pup my favourite treats were snotty tissues, gum from the sidewalk and cat poop. You guys rock!
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