Monday, August 21, 2006


A word from Malechai

Hey there, I'm Malechai, doing my favorite thing, laying on the air vent (well, besides fighting with my sister Macie). Sometimes the woman gets a little miffed at this, something about it makes the rest of the kitchen hot, as if I care, it's nice & cool on my fluff! I also really like to jump the fence into the humans bedroom & get into the garbage where all the wonderful tissues are, this trick impresses the heck out of them. If I get the chance, I jump back over the fence & blame it on my sister, I think their starting to get hip to this though. Those humans aren't as dumb as you would think. I still can't understand why they insist on throwing the Kleenex away though, don't they know they are to eaten, relished even! I've recently discovered soap out of the bathroom too, now that's good eatin', I don't care who you are. Of course the man got ticked & shooed me out, says it will give me the squirts, I say well worth it!
Today the female human put up some taller fences, these are going to be a little trickier to master. I think by the end of the week I should be able to conquer them however. My sister kinda leaves that stuff up to me, she's just not as tall, or as strong, fluffy, handsome...oh, sorry, got side tracked.
She's all right as far as sisters go, but every since that 8 Below movie, guys, you know the one, where that female husky is the pack leader, well let's just say Queen Macie's head has gotten a little big. I let her think she can take me, but sometimes I have to give her the ole' Sumo Slam & remind her who truly is boss. Girls, sheesh! The humans refer to this as "Fight Club", we frequent the joint often, well, that's why they got 2 of us so that we could keep each other entertained...
Gotta go, I think Macie is getting a chicken treat, gotta get me some!
Hey there Malechai & Macie,

Welcome to - it's great to have you both aboard ! You will make lots of new friends here - we are a great bunch of doggies :-)

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