Friday, August 25, 2006


Boy is our "Mom" STUPID!

She just had to pick a new template thingy & CLEARED all the cool stuff we've been adding & finding! All to change it to green.... why must she mess with our stuff, sigh! What a drag! Apparently she didn't relize how hard it has been for us to learn how to do all this stuff, we are dogs ya know?! Better get busy, dang humans!
Yes, all humans are stupid. It's a cross we must bear!
I'm going to send again your ID and password to husky bloggers. Then you just have to go to the RingSurf webpage, enter the Ring ID, Site ID and Password that u received in your email and get the code again.
Any doubt, contact me again, please!
Hey, it just goes to show you.. complex brains are dangerous things. It's those darn frontal lobes, I tell you! If only they allowed memory playback BEFORE the action, our planet would be a safer place to live.
Did you manage to get the html code at the Ring page?
I've sent to the email you used to subscribe to the ring your ID and password. Have you received it.
If you have any trouble or need help on how to insert the code in your template, plese let me know. You can write to raisahusky @ gmail . com
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