Sunday, November 19, 2006


WooWooWOOOOO! We're back!

Hi everydogster, we're back, FINALLY! After all the issues we've been having with blogger, we've switched to the new one. Only with the helpful woos from you all, thank you so much for all your suggestions about switching!
There's so much to catch up on. First I want to show you all my attempts at Yoga. I saw Fufu & Bibi doing it on their blog & decided to give it a go, Husky style.
I like to start with a little mild stretching, just to get good & limbered up.
And then it's straight to "Downward Dog with Upward Legs". This is a lot tricker than you may think, especially if you add the twist at the hip while jutting your legs up, like I'm displaying here. Ok, that's enough, I think I may have pulled a tail or something.
Malechai decided this was not going to be his new favorite sport so he's went back to practing on his couch balancing routine. First he stretches, preparing for his "mount".Oh, easy....
He's not doing too bad really, the back of our couch is very squishy so it takes nerves of steel to be able to balance just right without falling of the back & being immediately disqualified.
This is most generally his "dismount". I swear, he thinks he's a cat!

Alright, enough about him, I'm blogging solo today. Let's start with the man has been sick all week, started last Friday. What this means is that Malechai didn't have to go to school on Monday night. I went all alone with the lady & guess what?! I LOVED it! I didn't have to worry about what my stupid brother was doing, I was the only Husky, which of course meant that I was the most gorgeous!!!!! You see, some silly humans seem to think that my brother is prettier than me, OK I guess, if you like Giant Headed Freaks! So without him there it was all about me! I pranced with all my fluffiness, tail curled just perfectly & head held high. Of course, the other humans there were telling my lady what a great job she's been doing training me, but we all know, had I not felt like being cute & fluffy that night, she wouldn't have made me do so! I'll let her think what she wants for awhile, live it up lady, I have my payback planned, in about, oh lets say 4 weeks (that would be "Graduation"). We were all told the things that will be expected from us to graduate (I heard, yada yada yada), but one thing the teacher human said that caught my attention was, and I quote, "If your dog eliminates in any way in the ring during graduation it will be immediately disqualified", oh lady, do I have a surprise for you! Don't worry, I'm not going to do it until the very end, the lady will be so proud of me, I will have shown the world how smart & "trainable" we Huskies are, then I'm going to look right into my ladies eyes & poop right there on the spot! She will be furious (and unable to beat me might I add, since there will be an audience), I can see the different shades of red on her face as I blog this, it will be glorious!
Evil you may think, no, I say vengeful. I've bided my time since the whole cement on our fence thing, done well in "school" (and still no Dog Park, don't forget), walked like "other" dogs on my stupid "training collar", but now I've been shown the way to revenge, normally a dish best served cold, in this case, warm & steamy will do just as well! I know this means I won't graduate, but who cares! It will be worth it! Then maybe she will understand, once & for all that I am the Queen, (well at least of Malechai). All that would mean is that I'de have to take the class over but that wouldn't be so bad, now we've started to do some really cool "agility" stuff, goin though tubes, up big tall ramps & back down, There's even a seesaw thingy, it's really cool! I think if I timed it just right, I could send one of those little dogs flying off it! WooWoo! I better stop! Goodnight everypup! Miss MacieGrey
Oh Macie, you have it planned beautifully. You can never let them fully train you, only let them THINK they have you trained. Best thing you can do is graduate, then revert back to the bad husky I know you can be. That will make your human just shake her head and wonder what went wrong since you graduated!! Heehee. Keep them on their toes, that's what I say!


P.S. I think your brother does look very catlike!
Macie, you did a great job at Yoga. I especially like the "Downward Dog with Upward Legs". You gotta teach me this..

~ fufu
Hi Holly, I think he was a cat in his former life, I never get on the back of the couch like that, I prefer to make the lady "share" her spot!
Fufu, you were my insperation! Come on over, I'de be glad to teach it to you, I think you would get it in no time!
Face Licks, M&M
Macie, You've got some GREAT yoga moves! Did you see my post from a couple days ago about "The Zen of Zim"? Might give you some more poses to try!
I love what you've got planned for graduation! You're really becomming quite the Siberian!
Play bows,
Thank you so much Zim, that means alot coming from you (she'll never see it coming)! Yes, we saw your blog yesterday, I will give some of your "Zen of Zim" moves a try, but not for a little while, all this yoga stuff takes alot out of a dog (as I'm sure you know!) Face Licks, M&M
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