Monday, November 06, 2006


Ah, Quitcher Bitchin'

Hi everypup, Malechai here. I'm sooooo tired of Macie whining about dog class. Lets get this straight, if she wasn't such a witch, WE wouldn't have to take classes! She brought this all on herself! I kinda like dog class, I get to strut around & show off how handsome I am & my Dad tells me what a good boy I am, lots better than getting yelled at! She doesn't like it because she doesn't think we should have to listen to anyone, I know it's for our own good though, kinda like the fence deal, that was ALWAYS her idea, I'm just kinda a follower, and all that got us was trouble! And as for this "Vulcan DeathGrip", it is sooooo not that serious, my Mom had to show my Dad, he couldn't find it, all it is, is a little pressure behind the back of our shoulder blades, you can barely feel it, it's just a reminder of what we're supposed to do. Again, Macie's just a cry baby & doesn't like to listen. She even tries to bite our Dad sometimes when he wants to pet her & she doesn't feel like it, our Mom just aggravates her more when she tries that with her, it's really funny, she lays on top of Macie & the more Macie complains, the longer Mom lays there, it's great!
This weekend our favorite boy came over & we got maul him for several hours, he has a high pitched giggle that makes us go crazy & he tries to run from us so that makes the game of chase begin (our Mom lets us run in the house). Here he is...
Maulin' on the floor, we got him!

Maulin' him on the couch (you can run, but you can't hide little boy!)
Now we gotcha! It really was fun, Macie had to get in the kennel with him, did I mention she doesn't share well either! I was going to show you some more pictures but yet again, BLOGGER IS STUPID! So goodbye for now fellow puppers, Dog classes tonight, woowoo! I'm gonna make my stupid sister look even stupider when I do down-stay perfect & she has to be wrestled to the ground! Have a great day, we're off to go spend it outside in the leaves, fun fun fun!
Malechai The Good Son (Or suckup as I'm sure Meeshka would say)
Roooooooooo! I like the biped-in-a-box picture! Clever work, you two!
Tail wags,
Thanks Storms, I have a really good one with Macie in there with him but blogger was being stupid this morning.
Face Licks, Malechai
I wish I had a human to maul! I've never mauled a human before, I just lay there and let them rub my tummy. However, I'm on a quest to return to my husky roots (the subject of today's blog entry) and will be sure to maul the next human I see!
Human mauling is the best, specialy the mini sized ones!
Macie is doing her part to be a good disobedient Husky. Malechai, you need to start misbehaving a bit more, or we might think you've turned into a Golden Retriever or something. Always try to remember your good Northern Breed ancestors, and rebel at all times. Only lull them for small moments into thinking you can be well behaved! Never, Never, be that way all the time! :-)

Oh you guys got the boy close up i the cage. haa
In the first pic, who is 'boxing' who there?

~ fufu
Hi fufu, that would be me, Malechai smackin' Macie down for all her complaining.
Holly, we have done our fair share of "misbehaving", to the point that even Meeshka said we should cool it for awhile...
Haa. Macie better not be complaining too much then. Aw, I'm sure you guys are just having fun not really "misbehaving".

~ fufu
I know that you are just pretending to be the "good son" in order to fool the humans and allowing you more freedom... and then the destruction will begin... at least I hope so. Don't disappoint me!

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