Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Nothing much to blog about so how bout some pictures!

Look, I'm a cat! The man would really prefer that I not lay up here (something about being too big & breaking down the back of the couch) but I figure, the cats do it so why not me! I'm just a baby boy!

OK, how about standing on the back of the couch, I am the Queen ya know!

Fine, I'll sit down, kinda...

I do love to lay on the ladies blanket, specially with my stinky feet!
Me and the biped in the box, get out little boy (apparently he doesn't know that I am the Queen)!
Miss Queeny seems to think this is her own personal photo shoot, I'm a handsome boy & worthy of being seen too!

And nicer, I actually like to lay with the lady!

Well, hope you liked our "photo shoot", we're off to plan our days destruction, the weather is beautiful so we're thinkin' it's time to work on our hole diggin' skills, (they don't teach that in puppy class!). Ya all have a howlin' fine day! Macie & Malechai
you are both very beautiful doggies..i wish i could lie on the back of our is slippery though and i would land on my big butt on the floor
Thank you mj! Sorry about your couch!
GREAT pix, woo guys. Oh... I'd love to curl up on that nice blankie. Or the couch. Or both.
My mom loves the markings on each of you. You're VERY gorgeous pups!
Ah Gee Dave, you're making us blush! Our man says we look like backwards skunks as we both have that black streak down our backs. The lady always tells him to shush that we are beautiful! We have just gotten to be in the livingroom over the last couple months (we've finaly learned to control our bladders) & we take full advantage of the couch! Our house was brand new 2 years ago,(house fire, had to rebuild) lets just say that since we've been here, it's aquired a lot of "character", now it's an official "home". We do what we can....Face Licks, M&M
Looks to me like that couch is big enough for both of you to get to sleep inside once in a while..."ifin you un't to" (hee hee) I know my mom would let me sleep there if I wanted to!
Wow you guys are huge. You fill up the couch. Macie looks real pretty in that pic. Of course Malechai
looks great too

~ fufu
You guys are just TOO cute :-)

You're both stunning! I love the pics of you on the furniture. You should check our ours. We love the couch too! It's so soft and comfy.

Keep up the good work and good luck with the holes you're diggin.
Kel and Smokey
You guys are growing up so fast! And you are very beautiful!

Hey, come check out the eBay auction for our rescue on my blog! You can do some holiday shopping!
Lucy, we're working on it, every night is a little longer.
Thanks fufu!
Hi K&S, thanks for the well wishes & stopping by! We hope to see you guys more in the future!
Thank you Indy, blogger is being stupid but we will try & get the Credit card & head on over!!!
Face Licks, M&M
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