Monday, November 20, 2006


Let's Talk About My Week...

WooWoo Everypupper, Malechai here. Macie went on & on about her week (it's always about "Miss Macie") and didn't even mention mine, not a huge surprise! While my Dad was sick my Mom got to train me all week. I really enjoyed this, I don't get to train much with her, she's always with Macie & I'm with my Dad. She took me out first every morning, which was all good, or so I thought, but then that meant I was the first one back in my yard, ALONE! I know alot of you will think I'm a huge wuss (I'm the lover of the two of us) but Macie & I have never been separated a day of our lives, never, ever & I gotta tell you all, it was freaky! OK, there was that time when they did the terrible "fixing" thing to us, but we were doped up the whole time & she was in the kennel right next to me. Anyway, something happened during all of this that I didn't even know was possible, I let out my first official WOOOOOOOO! Don't get me wrong, I've given little back talking woos before but never anything like this. It was the longest most sorrowful woo any husky could imagine. My Mom said it made the hairs stand up on the back of her neck when she heard it & she came running to see what it was, and it was ME! Of course, once I realized that I could make this beautiful sound I had to do it over & over. The neighbors probably didn't care to much for my serenade at 6:30 in the morning, but I couldn't help myself. After a few days of this, it kinda lost it's appeal with Mom & I had to tone it down a bit, but it's a good thing for a guy to know he can do!

Then, I had to go to a make up class for school on Saturday, cause I missed Mondays. Dad was well enough to take me for this one. Mom came to watch without Macie (didn't know if they would like her getting a "free" class or not). One of the teachers there has alot of German Shepherds & asked my Mom if she'd like to train one for him instead of just sitting & watching, I didn't care too much for that, get your own Mom! So that distracted me a little bit, my sister is one thing, but some strange girl, I had to watch & make sure she didn't do anything bad to my Mom.

While I was busy worrying about that, they pulled a fast one on me & started some weird "agility" stuff. Hey, I did NOT agree to running in long tubes barely big enough for me & scaling the side of the wall on some little triangle looking thing, I'm not Spiderman ya know! I absolutely refused to do the triangle thing with my Dad so my Mom had to come over & do it with me, I was SCARED & I wanted my Momma, there, I said it, it's true, I'm a wuss & I don't care (you all know I really just wanted her to leave that other dog, right?)!

It went a little better at tonight's class, it was all the dogs that I've been going to school with & the same teachers. And my sister was there so that helped alot, she went first (again, wanting it to be all about her) and I got to see exactly how it was done. She can say whatever mean stuff she wants about me (cause she's rude & hateful) but I lover her anyway & life is just better when it's the 2 of us together! Plus, she's not scared of anything & always has cool ideas of what games we should play! She said she has something planned for graduation but she won't tell me what it is, she says I would ruin the surprise, I would not! Oh woo, I'm sure it will be fun whatever it is.
Well, goodnight for now all & sweet giant bone filled dreams! Malechai (the nice one)

Dear Malechai,
Dave here. There's NOTHING WRONG with wanting your mom! I love my mom. I don't like it when I'm not with her!
And hey! You're a pack animal! So of COURSE you want to be with Macie, right? It's not like you like her... you just were bred to hang out with other Sibes.
I gotta go see what Stormy's doing. Not that I like her or anything....
Malechai, huge congrats on your first wooooo! I love my mama, and I don't care who knows it! I sit at the door and woo everytime my mama leaves.....the whole time! Drives daddy nuts.
Hey Malechai, It's nice of you to serenade in the morning. Any praise from the neighbours?

~ fufu
Hey there M & M. We noticed you are from Chillicothe, IL. One of our siblings lives in Chillicothe, MO. Yuma who does therapy work for a child with cancer. He does a good job too since she is getting better. So are the Chillicothes close together?
You are getting to be very handsome Malachai :-)
Happy thanksgiving to you both - and to your humans too :-)

Hey Malechai! I happen to know from your mom that your woo woo's break her heart, so keep it up and you are sure to get whatever you want cause she will feel guilty eventually!
Oh Dave, you so understand the ways of us Huskies, of course that's what it is, it was BRED into me to want my sister!
Hi Poseidon, it drives our man nuts that we run right to our lady & NEVER to him!
No praise from the neighbors, YET, fufu.
Sorry d'azul, I think those Chillicothes are far apart, the one in Illinois is the only one I ever heard of.
Thank you so much Opy, I think you are quite pretty yourself!
Geesh Lucyloo, if they break her heart so much then why does she keep doing it!?
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