Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I'm NOT A "Sick Perv"!

In our hand out from "school" this week it was listing different things about a dogs body language, and I'll quote, "Mounting is used for mating (duh!) & also as displays of dominance. A dog wishing to vote himself alpha (in this case herself) dog will mount another dog of either sex as an act of self-assertion." See, I'm not a "sick perv" like my lady says! I'm just showing ol' stupido whose boss. I kept trying to tell the lady that it isn't like that, geesh he is my brother you know! Humans are so silly sometimes. I'm not really humping him here, this was just a bad ending (for Malechai) to a good round of FightClub. I'll back up a little, the lady bought some stinky plastic mats to put down where we run in at (as we refuse to stop for a towel) so I was trying to properly inspect it...
Malechai just wouldn't back off, soooooo... I tried to tell him nicely to stop, but would he? That's a big negative! I had no choice but to get down to business & remind him why, I am the Alpha!
Which then takes us back to the first picture, where I have finished him off & obviously I "dominate" him! WooWooWOOOOO!
Now the lady's trying to get me to make up with him cause he's POUTING cause he's A BIG SISSY BOY! Notice, me being cute & him being a big sad eyed weenie, he shouldn't start something he can't finish. It does stink to be him though, he just got beat up & mounted by a girl, now that's just funny!

The point of all this (besides to torture Malechai) is that the lady needs to stop calling me a sick perv everytime I "hump" my brother, as she has read (from her supposed human experts) for herself that I am merely reminding my brother that I "own" him.
Well everyhusky & fufu, it's time to go hit the lady's blanket with a good dose of "stink foot".
Sweet Dreams of little furry type critter things, The Queen of Everything That Is Malechai

Hey Macie,

You better be careful, boys have another way of indicating what they own. So keep an eye out when Malechai is near you and make sure he doesn't lift his leg.

Hi Althea, luckily for me, he doesn't lift his leg, still kinda "squats" to pee. But don't you worry, I watch him anyway, you just never know!
Face Licks, Macie

What a girlie boy. It is a good thing he has you around to protect him. You'll have to keep an eye on him if you ever get to go to the dog park.

One time I tried to mount a big furry Malamute. Mom & Dad thought it was funny, I was just trying to show him who the boss was.

Mounting has nothing to do with perversion and EVERYTHING to do with RULING! Show 'im who's boss, Macie!
Tail wags,
Thank you AO4, that's all I was saying too!
I've never tried to mount any other dogs, Althea, I just want to be the boss of Malechai. You're brave to try to be the boss of a bog
Face Licks, Macie
Samuel and Monty are always doing that "mounting" thing at our house cuz they still haven't figured out yet that I'm in charge. I guess it's just between the boys that they can't figure it out. Boys are stupid. Girls rule!

Malechai, you're the alpha-female at home. :) Sweet dreams to you too

~ fufu
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