Monday, December 18, 2006


Oh Christmas Tag, Oh Christmas Tag...

WooWoo everyhusky & as always, fufu! We've been taged by Kat & Steve & Kelsey & Smokey. For all of you that have had sugar plums dancing in your heads, here's the rules: You have to list 3 things that you do want for Christmas & 3 things that you do not want for Christmas & then pick 5 friends to tag. We'll start with Macie (because as you all know I am the Queen (of everything that is Malechai that is)).
3 Things That I Do Want For Christmas
1. SNOW!
2. More SNOW!
3. Um, let's see, SNOW!
3 Things That I Do Not Want For Christmas
2. Rain
3. Anymore STUPID Cats!

OK, now Malechai's turn, as I am the most patient, kindest, handsomest boy ever (my Mom says so).
3 Things That I do Want For Christmas
1. Chicken Treats
2. A Tasty Furry Critter of some sort would be nice
3. Oh & of course, SNOW, LOTS OF SNOW!
3 Things That I Do Not Want For Christmas
1. Celery
2. A Bath
3. Another Sister!
Now we would like to tag:
Meeshka(because she loves the tags game sooo much)
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