Monday, December 18, 2006


Mmmmmmm, Christmas Cookies!

Apparently, every year, our Mom & Lucyloo's Mom get together & make Christmas cookies. They spend 1 night at home baking the cookies & then the next night they get together & decorate them all. While doing this they drink this yellow stuff that smells like dirty socks, don't ask us, we thought we were the only ones that liked socks, but whatever. Maybe you guys have seen it?
This was a full bottle when they started. Lets just say by the end of the night, we could've made prettier cookies! It takes them about 12 hours to get them all done & they play Christmas Movies & Christmas Music the ENTIRE time.

Now ask if we got ANY of these delicious smelling sugary delights, NO! Not one single morsel. Then as if that wasn't enough, they made all kinds of chocolates & candies & we were denied all of that too. Where's our Christmas cookies?!

Luckily for us there's our lady's friend Beth who came over during the candy making & brought us each a HUGE bone! She's a super human! We forgot all about the other stuff, wait a minute, maybe that's what they wanted us to do?! Cats! Now it's all put away in huskyproof containers, we're going to have to rethink these bone offerings in the future! Better run for now & see if we can drag any of those containers off the counter. Sugary Dreams ! M&M
What! no yummy cookies for you guys.

~ fufu
Oh M & M!! Those cookies look so yummy!

As good Husky's, why weren't you jumping up on the table and STEALING yourselves a cookie or 2, or 10? Good Husky's should always try to snag food that sits THAT close to the edge!

I would have had a few swallowed before the humans, in their drunken stupor, would have figured out any were missing!

We know you guys, we got robbed! We would've stold some but she took them all to Lucyloos Mom's house to decorate them (By the way, Thanks for NOTHIN' Lucy!) and then left them boxed up in her Jeep. It's all just WRONG!
Non Sugary Face Licks, M&M
Hey roo guys! Check my blog for today (Tues) - you might get an idea about how to snag some of those cookies! Write your name on them!!!
By the way, our stove matches your stove! How cool is that!?!?
Play bows,
Keep your hopes up, M&M, nothing is Husky proof.
Merry Christmas M & M, to you and your family - I hope 2007 is full of lots of bones and treats :-)


PS - do you think I could sneak a cookie ?
I second what stupid Opy said:-)

I hope you both get lots of chewy toys, treats and hugs, and have heaps of fun!

Luv your ol pal Chucksie Bux
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