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WooWOOOOO everyhusky & fufu! Finally the snow has come & in great abundance. The lady thinks we got about 13 or so inches. She loves us so much that she took us out for a walk right in the middle of the blizzard, it was GREAT! We actually got 2 walks that day (Friday) the 2nd time was with the man too. Here we are, the humans had to keep stopping for a break, apparently they have a hard time when the snow is up to their kneecaps, boy were they "panting"! We're actually standing in what used to be the road.When we first got up Friday morning (at 5:00am to the lady running around & yellin' WE GOT SNOW!) we weren't so sure about all the white stuff, we wouldn't even go out, then the lady put on her boots & came out with us & we LOVE THE SNOW! We found the deepest drifts & jumped right in & stuck our faces in it, now we know what all the woos have been about. Here's Macie begging to go back out in it.Now that the "newness" has worn off, we do choose to come back in the house where it's warm. The man keeps telling the lady that she's ruined us, now we want to be house dogs. Hey buddy, you go lay out there with the wind whippin' around, it's cold!
As you can see I (Malechai) like it better than Macie, I lay right in it. The lady says my coat is different than Macie's, mine is much thicker & fluffier than hers, she has a thinner more wirier coat, so she always wants to come in before me. Then I lay right in front of the fan while she curls up on the couch with the ladies afghan.
Sorry about posting the previous picture without any update, the lady was trying to post this picture to our profile & can't get it to work (of course). We're so sorry Ao4, Holly, MawPaw and Fufu that you didn't get any of the glorious snow, we would gladly mail you some, we have plenty. Lucyloo, you have your own snow we know, you just live a little ways away from us, maybe you could help us mail some out to these guys?!
OK then we're off to start gathering the goods for you guys, we'll say some snowy prayers for all of you that got robbed!
Snowy Woos, M&M
OOooh, that looks so WONDERFUL! I like to tunnel in it with my nose - have you tried that yet? I can't wait to get some of your snow in the mail. Thanks for agreeing to mail us some!
You are so welcome Am, soon as we can figure out how to get there still in snow form...Yes we tunneled alot with our noses, it was GREAT!
Snowy Licks, M&M
Oh.. that snow thingy looks so wonderful. Malechai you really enjoy it? Would you mail some to me? hee *Wonders if snow is yummy*

~ fufu
I am beyond jealous. I am now pouting. We need some snow here very badly. And all we get is cold weather. And now it's warmed up to the upper 40's and lower 50's. This sucks. We need to visit grandma in Western Illinois, maybe she has snow, since she's only about 77 miles west of you!

We join Holly with pouting. All we got was ice, lots and lots of ice. It was too slick to have much fun. Enjoy the snow while you can.


The D'Azul Siberians and Cap'n Maverick
I'm soooo jealous! I just got a tiny bit of snow in Michigan, really just a light dusting. Now I'm in VA where it's just starting to get cold, and I heard the weather people on the tv say that Michigan has lots and lots of snow now! It's a conspiracy, and it's not fair at all!
WOW ! That is some good snow - send some our way guys - we are sweltering in 107 degree heat here :-(

Did your snow leave you like my stupid snow left me?
Today is my lucky day :)
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