Thursday, December 14, 2006


Gone, All GONE!

Well it's official, all the wonderful snow is GONE! No one told us that it melted. It's been a slow agonizing melt too, everyday when we wake up & go outside, a little more has gone. We sat outside today & just watched it melt & there was nothing we could do to stop it. The only bonus is now the ground is getting really muddy (always a good thing). Our lady has also gotten rather sad, everyday mumbling about how if she wanted to have 60 degrees & sun in December she would live in Florida & of course this leads into the "global warming" rant again...

Besides the heat wave, we have been learning about something called Christmas. First, they brought up this big water bowl, OK we have like a gazillion water bowls but whatever. Oh, it wasn't for us come to find out. No instead they brought a tree inside & put it in it, very strange. But again, OK, this is kinda cool, they're bringing the outdoors in for us. No, no not for us at all! They've flipped! They put lights all over it, now why would you ruin a perfectly good tree & water bowl?! Then they put all these shiny balls & stuff on it, of course, not for us either. What in the world is going on here? You've brought in this tree that has taken up half of our play area & we can't drink out of it's bowl or play with any of the balls on it! So far, not diggin' the Christmas deal. Just look at it, it takes up way too much room!
Here's me, Malechai trying to squeeze into my spot next to the lady's chair, stupid tree!

And it keeps getting worse, the lady comes home late every night with more stuff that she keeps putting under it which takes up even more room.We did notice that last night something cool got put up for us.See the red & green things, they're for us & something in them smells yummy. Lets look a little closer...OK, so maybe this Christmas deal won't be that bad.

(Did anypup notice that there are no stockings thingys for the stupid cats, ha, we rule!)
Hey, we saw that new pups have joined the Husky Ring, very cool, we remember being as little as them. Welcome Steve & Kat! You guys sure are cute! Here I am (Macie) when I was your age and now. My markings have changed alot and I've gotten darker.

I (Malechai) haven't changed that much, I'm darker & I've gotten ALOT bigger. At least I've finally grown into my ears, haroooooo!

Our humans can't wait to see what the finished "products" will be. Gorgeous like Huskies are is all we're sure of.
Well, everyhusky & fufu, we have to get to bed. It's going to be sunny tomorrow so we may as well make the best of it & go out & dig in the mud, so we gotta rest up. Keep your paws crossed for more glorious snow!
Face Licks, M&M

Hey Macie & Malechai, you guys are so cute when you're babies. Sorry to hear about the snow...
Nice tree and deco by the way.

~ fufu
Snow never stays around long enough! But at least you pupperdupperdoos got some to start with!
Your tree is beautiful - and Malechai, you look so handsome in that picture!
Ohh... your puppy pix! The two of you are SO gorgeous! I hope Santa brings me a puppy for Christmas!
Tail wags,
Thank you fufu! Sorry we couldn't get any snow mailed your way, maybe next time.
Thank you too Stormy! We'll try & send the "puppy vibe" Santa's way in you name! Our lady wants more of us too but the man says NO (for now anyway, we've noticed that the lady seems to be the Alpha around here).
Face Licks, M&M
Hey no fair! Santa already came and filled your stockings? My mom said Santa doesn't come for a little while yet. LIAR! My snow is gone too! Maybe we can get some new snow in time for Christmas! Hopefully, cause mom says she doesn't want to listen to your mom go on about "global warming" again. Think snow!
Thank you for the tips you left on our blog! We are tagging you in the Christmas tag. See our blog for more details!

Merry Christmas,
Steve & Kat
Oops, I am tagging you too! Sorry about that!
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