Wednesday, August 31, 2011


We're baaaaaaack........

Haroooooo! We can't believe we've not wooooded anypup in almost 2 years, you know, in dog years that's like 14, wossers! So many adventures have come & gone since then we wouldn't even know where to start.
The human kids that live in the basement (we're not allowed down ther, it's also where the dreaded cats dwell) brought home a dog 2 July's ago, we're not sure what he is, our Mom calls him a wrinkleheaded wigglebutt, but we have no idea what breed that could possibly be. He's OK, sometimes we like to attack him just to make sure he knows who the boss is, mostly infront of the humans, we kinda like to show him up, he is the littlest & newest to the pack after all. We've heard mention that he's some kind of a pitbull mix but we've sniffed him high & low & haven't found not one horn or hole on him so we think the humans are silly, he's just a dog. Mom said he thinks he's a Husky the way he likes to stay out in the snow with us, but we are possitive he's NOTHING like us.

There he is, sometimes we tell him he's part Beagle & sometimes Mom tell's him he's part pig cause he makes weird grunting noises. Like we said he's OK, someone smaller than us that we can boss around & blame stuff on. Oh poopsycles, Mom says she has work to do so we have to give her back the computer. We will Woooo again very soon. Take Care Everypup & Chicken for all! M & M

P.S. - Malechai here, Roo have you forgotten me, I've not forgotten you, woooowoooooo!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Haroooo everypup & GG! Malechai here to bring you a special message, see these black dots down here, these are Geese, they come to our river by the hundreds. The river is directly across from our house (it's where I like to go when ever I'm able to "escape"). The message I would like to share is, DO NOT CHASE GEESE INTO THE RIVER! They may look like they'd be fun to catch but just let me tell you from experience, it will NEVER happen!
Let me back up just a tad. This last summer, Mom was half awake when we were getting ready for our morning walk & didn't have a very good hold on my leash, me being the "Thrill Seeker" that I am, seized the moment & made a break for the half shut screen door. Before she knew what was happening, I had broke free & was on the move. I went straight for the river. I could hear Mom & Macie calling for me but I knew this was my big chance at getting one of these dang geese that drive me crazy with all their honking & splashing. So of course I ignored Mom's frantic shrieking & headed into the river after them, bad plan! She figured out real quick from all the geese screams where I was, yep, in the river swimming for all I was worth after a whole flock of them. I was so close to getting them I could taste the feathers, then I realized how far away I was from the shore, way out past that last line of geese you can see in this picture. Now the panic set in, I turned around to start swimming back to the bank & suddenly got really tired. So tired all I could to was smack at the water, my short little life was flashing before me. Next thing I know, my Mom was grabbing me around my tummy & dragging me through the water to the shore. Cats was I tired! I thought I was headed to the Rainbow Bridge for sure. Moral of the story, Geese are wicked evil & all dogs should stay away from them! One of Mom's hunter friends told her that that's what Geese do is lure things out in the water far enough until they drowned, I can contest to that being a fact now!

On a lighter note, here are a few pictures of me & Macie this winter in the snow.Macie made me post this one of her with snow on her nose. We don't get the official "Snow Noses" like some of you Huskies so Macie thought she'd make herself one, she's so silly!
Here I am looking all handsome & fluffy.

Well, that's it for now. Next time we'll have to share some pictures of our newest friend, Manny.
Meanwhile everypup remember, Geese are NOT chicken & they ARE EVIL!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


SuperPet Saga

Harooo everypup & GG! We left off with wanting to woo to you all about our terrible experience at SuperPets.
So there we were, minding our own business trying to help our Mom find us a new dog food (Nutro has discontinued our lamb & rice for large breed dogs), she was talking with one of the people that work there when up comes this lady with her Malamute. We all sniff each other & say our harooos (he was quite handsome!) our Mom is telling the lady how pretty her dog is & asks if he's still a puppy(he was very "short" for his breed). Note: the mean lady will be represented by purple & our Mom in green.

"No he's 18 months, but is EXACTLY breed standard"

, I just always assumed that Malamutes were taller".

"Well what are those supposed to be?!" Meaning us.

"They are Siberian Huskies".

"I don't think so, not that one at least.
(pointing at Malechai) Anyone that knows anything about dogs can tell that's not a full blooded Husky, they don't get that big"

"I beg to differ with you, according to his papers, he's full blooded, he's just larger than breed standard"

"Papers don't mean anything & if you paid anything for him, you paid too much! That one (pointing at Macie) is a Husky but there's no way this one is."

"That's funny since they're brother & sister!"

"There's no way these are litter mates!" (come on now, you all have seen us, we're almost twins) At this point, even us dogs can tell things are about to get ugly. Truly, our lady is NOT a trouble maker, but was ready to teach this human some manners. Thank dog the man that worked there stepped in & asked that other lady(if you can call her that) to leave (there were other words exchanged but we don't think they should be repeated). Upon doing so, our Mom offered to go out in the parking lot, kick her mean, you know what, & take her dog, (we would've liked that, as we said he was very handsome). If a human is that mean to other humans, we can only imagine that her dog doesn't get treated right either, plus when she stormed out, she yanked him around so fast that he flipped over. Of course Mom didn't lower herself to that level, all though, if we were the biting kind, we woulda bit her right in her caboose on her way out, stupid, stupid, mean human!
So there you have it, according to the "know it all" at SuperPets, Malechai is a mutt & we are not brother & sister. Not that it would matter to our Mom if all this was true, it was just the nerve of that woman, first she butted into our Mom's conversation with the employee & then basically tried to pick a fight with us. We just don't get some humans. Well, there's our story for the afternoon, can you pups believe it, geesh!

Until next time, watch out for stupid, Husky hatin' humans, there out there ya know......M&M

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Long time no woo everypup! We've started to post several times but we're starting to think our Mom has that A.D.D. thingy, she just can't seem to stay on the task at paw. Most times she lets us start & then decides we have to get off so she can upload more pictures of us, which then turns into her spending hours editing them, next thing you know, we've lost interest. We just can't believe we haven't wooded since August, so much has happened we really don't even know where to begin. First the human wanted to know if someone can tell us how to post videos (ya, cause another distraction is truly what she needs). Also, have you pups noticed that not one of those pictures has been posted here, see it's all a bunch of hooey, she lures us off with the temptation of adding pictures of us (we do like to see ourselves) and then doesn't even do that.

Hopefully, everypup & their humans are all well! We are woorific over this way. Spring is springing around here, which is good we guess, we would rather there be snow all year round, but she won't move us to Alaska like we've wooed for her to. We just wish it didn't mean summer was coming, it gets so hot here that we have to stay inside all the time in the air conditioning. The good news is that it usually means 2 walks a day since it's not dark when she gets home, so we're all good with that!

Oh, she's starting to get distracted again, so we're going to go ahead & post this one before she throws us off. We promise we'll get get some new photos of our full grown fluffiness soon, you all probably don't even remember what we look like it's been so long. We'll also have to share our experience at SuperPets with a REALLY mean lady the next time, we thought our lady was gonna punch her out.

Until next time, wooooooooooo! M&M

PS Notice the date this was started was in February, it's actuall March 25th today, see what we mean, geesh!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Humans Are So Stupid!

Haroooo every pup & GirlGirl, long time no woo!!!!!! We know, we know, tell the lady, it's ALL her fault! speaking of which, back to our post our lives there are some humans that we are just not too thrilled with right now (OK actually they're in the ladies life but they directly affect us).

First up is the lady's Dad, he's really the reason for this rant of ours. A few weeks ago (we'll just go ahead and call her Mom it takes less time to type) "Mom" went to visit her Dad down in the Ozarks, we of course, did not get to go, but after hearing what he had to say about us, we're glad we didn't go! He told our Mom that we were those kind of dogs, of the wolf breed that is, and that we were very intimidating to others. He went on to say that it's not "normal" the way we play, that eventually we will hurt each other very badly. If all this wasn't enough, the idiot went on to say that one of us would eventually rip our Mom's face off when she's in the middle of "breaking us up". The horror of the very thought we say! We would NEVER hurt our Mom, we love her more than anything in the world (even chicken).

We thought this Happy Bunny kind of summed it up for him. That's just crazy, we are not even from the wolf family. So Mom was quick to get on the Internet upon her return & printed off lots of information about our breed, highlighted the controversial points & mailed it on to her Dad, we'll be curious to see the outcome. Mom said she doesn't really care if he ever comes back to our house if that's how he feels about us! Sure he plays all nice to our face but now we see how it really is! See if he gets any of our sweet woooos next time he comes.

Moving right along to the lady down the street(our little friend Maggies Mom), whom we used to like a lot, until this happened, she banned us from her backyard! Can you believe it?! All because they have this wonderful pond that we like to lay in. OK, so we tend to mess the filter up a little when we get in, but is that any reason to ban us, we think NOT! For almost a year now, on our morning walk, we stop down at Maggies house cause her yard is even bigger than ours & all fenced in. Well, after running like crazy for a few minutes we like to cool off in their nice big fish pond. So Monday we went to go back in Maggies yard & out comes her Mom saying that we can go back there but we can't get in the pond anymore. Our Mom has tried to keep us out of it, but come on, we are Huskies ya know, so we tend to ignore her when she tells us to get out. Now all we get to do is stand in the tiny front yard, on our leashes & try to play, it really doesn't work very well as we're sure you pups can imagine. Today we didn't even go to Maggies, our Mom took us down to the river instead cause it's just so hot here.

Lastly is our Mom's PaPa, again, we used to like him a lot, but our parents are going to visit him over Labor Day & come to find out, we're not welcome. What is the deal here, we're starting to see a pattern, apparently these humans don't know superior dogs when they meet them. We even told our Mom we would go & just stay in the basement, but nooooooo, CATS we say! We can't figure out why she would want to go somewhere that we're not wanted, but as we said in the beginning, some humans are so stupid!

The only good part about this weekend is that our true human friends, Beth & her boy Bobby, are going to come & stay with us. We sure love us some Bobby, he runs & giggles & we chase & maul him (in a fun way, not a face ripping off sort of way). He's the biped that we've posted pictures of putting him in our crate before. So it won't be all bad. Plus Beth knows how to cook our meals for us like Mom does & we heard her tell our Mom that she was going to stop at our favorite doggy bakery before she comes, woohoooo, Mom who?! Haroooo, just kidding, we'll miss her but at least we won't have to go to one of those dog jail places while they're gone.

Well, we better run for now, woo at you all later, M&M

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