Wednesday, August 31, 2011


We're baaaaaaack........

Haroooooo! We can't believe we've not wooooded anypup in almost 2 years, you know, in dog years that's like 14, wossers! So many adventures have come & gone since then we wouldn't even know where to start.
The human kids that live in the basement (we're not allowed down ther, it's also where the dreaded cats dwell) brought home a dog 2 July's ago, we're not sure what he is, our Mom calls him a wrinkleheaded wigglebutt, but we have no idea what breed that could possibly be. He's OK, sometimes we like to attack him just to make sure he knows who the boss is, mostly infront of the humans, we kinda like to show him up, he is the littlest & newest to the pack after all. We've heard mention that he's some kind of a pitbull mix but we've sniffed him high & low & haven't found not one horn or hole on him so we think the humans are silly, he's just a dog. Mom said he thinks he's a Husky the way he likes to stay out in the snow with us, but we are possitive he's NOTHING like us.

There he is, sometimes we tell him he's part Beagle & sometimes Mom tell's him he's part pig cause he makes weird grunting noises. Like we said he's OK, someone smaller than us that we can boss around & blame stuff on. Oh poopsycles, Mom says she has work to do so we have to give her back the computer. We will Woooo again very soon. Take Care Everypup & Chicken for all! M & M

P.S. - Malechai here, Roo have you forgotten me, I've not forgotten you, woooowoooooo!

Arroooooo! Play bows,

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