Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Humans Are So Stupid!

Haroooo every pup & GirlGirl, long time no woo!!!!!! We know, we know, tell the lady, it's ALL her fault! speaking of which, back to our post our lives there are some humans that we are just not too thrilled with right now (OK actually they're in the ladies life but they directly affect us).

First up is the lady's Dad, he's really the reason for this rant of ours. A few weeks ago (we'll just go ahead and call her Mom it takes less time to type) "Mom" went to visit her Dad down in the Ozarks, we of course, did not get to go, but after hearing what he had to say about us, we're glad we didn't go! He told our Mom that we were those kind of dogs, of the wolf breed that is, and that we were very intimidating to others. He went on to say that it's not "normal" the way we play, that eventually we will hurt each other very badly. If all this wasn't enough, the idiot went on to say that one of us would eventually rip our Mom's face off when she's in the middle of "breaking us up". The horror of the very thought we say! We would NEVER hurt our Mom, we love her more than anything in the world (even chicken).

We thought this Happy Bunny kind of summed it up for him. That's just crazy, we are not even from the wolf family. So Mom was quick to get on the Internet upon her return & printed off lots of information about our breed, highlighted the controversial points & mailed it on to her Dad, we'll be curious to see the outcome. Mom said she doesn't really care if he ever comes back to our house if that's how he feels about us! Sure he plays all nice to our face but now we see how it really is! See if he gets any of our sweet woooos next time he comes.

Moving right along to the lady down the street(our little friend Maggies Mom), whom we used to like a lot, until this happened, she banned us from her backyard! Can you believe it?! All because they have this wonderful pond that we like to lay in. OK, so we tend to mess the filter up a little when we get in, but is that any reason to ban us, we think NOT! For almost a year now, on our morning walk, we stop down at Maggies house cause her yard is even bigger than ours & all fenced in. Well, after running like crazy for a few minutes we like to cool off in their nice big fish pond. So Monday we went to go back in Maggies yard & out comes her Mom saying that we can go back there but we can't get in the pond anymore. Our Mom has tried to keep us out of it, but come on, we are Huskies ya know, so we tend to ignore her when she tells us to get out. Now all we get to do is stand in the tiny front yard, on our leashes & try to play, it really doesn't work very well as we're sure you pups can imagine. Today we didn't even go to Maggies, our Mom took us down to the river instead cause it's just so hot here.

Lastly is our Mom's PaPa, again, we used to like him a lot, but our parents are going to visit him over Labor Day & come to find out, we're not welcome. What is the deal here, we're starting to see a pattern, apparently these humans don't know superior dogs when they meet them. We even told our Mom we would go & just stay in the basement, but nooooooo, CATS we say! We can't figure out why she would want to go somewhere that we're not wanted, but as we said in the beginning, some humans are so stupid!

The only good part about this weekend is that our true human friends, Beth & her boy Bobby, are going to come & stay with us. We sure love us some Bobby, he runs & giggles & we chase & maul him (in a fun way, not a face ripping off sort of way). He's the biped that we've posted pictures of putting him in our crate before. So it won't be all bad. Plus Beth knows how to cook our meals for us like Mom does & we heard her tell our Mom that she was going to stop at our favorite doggy bakery before she comes, woohoooo, Mom who?! Haroooo, just kidding, we'll miss her but at least we won't have to go to one of those dog jail places while they're gone.

Well, we better run for now, woo at you all later, M&M

Aw Macie & Malechai, how can those hoomans be so mean to you both. You would never hurt your mom *roll eyes* At least you got some nice friends who came to visit you

~ Girl girl
I'm sorry all the stupid humans were being more stupid than usual!
Wow. Mom's been owned by Siberians since 1983 and hasn't had her face ripped off yet. Ha roo roo roo!
Do you know we are no more closely related to wolves than Chihuahuas are? Pass that along to your mom's dad!
Have a fun Labor Day with your real friends!
Tail wags,
Wooo M & M. Humans come with such drama don't they? I am sorry you are being excluded. You and your family can always come visit us, ha roo!!! Fur is always welcome in our family. Hope you have some fun times with Bobby!!!
My mom's step-dad doesn't like us either, so I know how you feel. But, mom sticks up for us and told her mom that if she wanted to see my mom, she would have to come here, cuz this is OUR house and WE live here. So when they come, they stay in a hotel, or they bring their camper.

Wow, M&M, you're having a rough time of it. We play like crazy wolves too, but that's the thing, we're just playing. My mom's grandpa told her that we were "just bums" and that she should have some real kids. She said that we were way better. At least your mom doesn't believe everything she's been hearing!!

Sorry everyone was stupid over one weekend. My mama and papa have had similar arguments with their family, although more often about my Rottie brother than about Huskies. That is the reason Mama first became interested in getting us Canine Good Citizen certificates. It is proof that we are well behaved, social, safe dogs.
Hey M&M,
It's so good to see you guys are back. I know I havent posted in a while either, My mom has been sick so maybe this weekend I can get caught up. So sorry about the stupid humans.
You guys can come play at my house anytime.
Your grandparents sound just awful! Did you know that old people often fall on their faces and break their bones? Perhaps we shouldn't let them walk anymore.
Hey you two! Where are you! It's October tomorrow!

You guys are beautiful, and clearly wouldn't hurt anyone. It's always frustrating when humans don't understand that! Woof!

Are you guys on Dogster? Come join me!

Rip your human woman's face off? AHAHAHAAAAA

I feel sad for this human man that he's too stupid to realize what unconditional love is... besides, without a face how could your human woman find treats to give you?

Humans are STUPID (sorry to steal your quote Turbo, but it needs to be said)

Hey you two! Where are you??? It's almost mid October!

Hey you two! Where are you??? It's almost mid October!

Ok, it's only a week away from Halloween, where are you?

Hey M&M whats going on with you guys, I miss your posts, please come back soon.
Hello???? Where are you? It's almost thanksgiving and I am wondering what you are up to!?

Where are you?????? Its December 7th and I don't know what's up with you!!

I am with Holly... we miss you!! Come back to the world of blogging!
M&M, you have been gone for sooooo long! Please come back, it's almost Christmas!

Hope everything is ok, just wanted to woo you all a Merry Christmas.

Have a very happy Christmas!
Hey you two! Please check in with us!

I wanted to wish you both a Merry Christmas!

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Where are woo two??? It's February! I am very worried about you!

That was very helpful - thanks.

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