Thursday, March 27, 2008


SuperPet Saga

Harooo everypup & GG! We left off with wanting to woo to you all about our terrible experience at SuperPets.
So there we were, minding our own business trying to help our Mom find us a new dog food (Nutro has discontinued our lamb & rice for large breed dogs), she was talking with one of the people that work there when up comes this lady with her Malamute. We all sniff each other & say our harooos (he was quite handsome!) our Mom is telling the lady how pretty her dog is & asks if he's still a puppy(he was very "short" for his breed). Note: the mean lady will be represented by purple & our Mom in green.

"No he's 18 months, but is EXACTLY breed standard"

, I just always assumed that Malamutes were taller".

"Well what are those supposed to be?!" Meaning us.

"They are Siberian Huskies".

"I don't think so, not that one at least.
(pointing at Malechai) Anyone that knows anything about dogs can tell that's not a full blooded Husky, they don't get that big"

"I beg to differ with you, according to his papers, he's full blooded, he's just larger than breed standard"

"Papers don't mean anything & if you paid anything for him, you paid too much! That one (pointing at Macie) is a Husky but there's no way this one is."

"That's funny since they're brother & sister!"

"There's no way these are litter mates!" (come on now, you all have seen us, we're almost twins) At this point, even us dogs can tell things are about to get ugly. Truly, our lady is NOT a trouble maker, but was ready to teach this human some manners. Thank dog the man that worked there stepped in & asked that other lady(if you can call her that) to leave (there were other words exchanged but we don't think they should be repeated). Upon doing so, our Mom offered to go out in the parking lot, kick her mean, you know what, & take her dog, (we would've liked that, as we said he was very handsome). If a human is that mean to other humans, we can only imagine that her dog doesn't get treated right either, plus when she stormed out, she yanked him around so fast that he flipped over. Of course Mom didn't lower herself to that level, all though, if we were the biting kind, we woulda bit her right in her caboose on her way out, stupid, stupid, mean human!
So there you have it, according to the "know it all" at SuperPets, Malechai is a mutt & we are not brother & sister. Not that it would matter to our Mom if all this was true, it was just the nerve of that woman, first she butted into our Mom's conversation with the employee & then basically tried to pick a fight with us. We just don't get some humans. Well, there's our story for the afternoon, can you pups believe it, geesh!

Until next time, watch out for stupid, Husky hatin' humans, there out there ya know......M&M

Some humans are just amazingly stupid! That "lady" needs to mind her own business!

Poppy & Penny
Hey you guys! Sorry to hear about your lack of pedigree and that you aren't really related. According to a local "dog expert" (ha roo roo roo) I'm a coyote mix. Ha roo roo roo! Riiiiiiiight. Mom had one of our vets rolling on the floor with that one.
In the words of Tubey, our future president, Humans are STUPID!
Play bows,
Wow! That is one stupid human! But I do like your bunny cartoon!
Wow, what a nutty lady! We believe that you're both huskies and from the same litter!

Steve and Kat
Hi M&M,
I am so happy to see you guys posting again. I have missed you so much. That lady sounds very mean, I would have bit her if I was there.
Well since we have the same parents I wonder if I'm a mutt too?
I am on the small side for a husky I think, Not really sure since there aren't any other huskies around here.
Anyway, I'm Happy you guys are back,
Love, Sooky
Tell me where this lovely place is and I will come skhwish her stupid ass. And if she think's I'm not a real Malamute, I show her my big swappers and then sit on her and her little fake Malamute too. And, I'm pretty sure my friend Summit the Super Mal, who weighs 140 pounds will help me!

Humans are stupid! Next time you see her, tell her Malachi is part wolf, and see if she believes that.

Ooohh, forgot to mention, in my ranting (stupid do that to me) that it's a good thing she didn't see Steve and Kat together, cuz they are siblings too, and don't look exactly the same either!

Ok, I'm done now.


Holly said it so much better than I ever could!

Some people; they just don't know, and you can't tell 'em.
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