Wednesday, March 21, 2007


HAROOOOO Every Pup & FuFu!

We're back, finally, geesh, we thought the lady might not ever let us blog again. Things are finally starting to seem a little more normal around here. The lady's Grandpa is back from the Hospital & doing well so now she has more time for us, woowooo! She wanted us to Thank everyone for their kind wishes & prayers (we told her this is a great bunch of pups & humans too!). So anywoo, back to us, she has already caused us to get very behind with everydog, it will take us some time to get back up to speed. But we are soooooo glad to be back, we've missed "Our Pack" terribly!

While we've been away (and had some much extra time on our paws) we decided to take up dancing (Tango maybe) see what you think, our moves aren't quite perfect yet but we think with a little more "dance" time we could start a new series, Dancing With Huskies.
First the approach.

(This is where Malechai is supposed to put me on his shoulders.)

Straight into the Dip.

Ok, so we need a little practice...We're not going to stay long, we want to go get caught up on all your blogs. Woo at you all soon, Macie & Malechai

Welcome back both of you!

Wooo hooo, Malechai. You can dance with me. Especially if you bring me something sweet to eat!

Oh, thank goodness you are back! I was getting soooo worried!

Love the dance moves! I usually get in trouble when I do that!

Harooo, So glad you guys are back, I missed you soooo much, Happy to hear your lady's grandpa is doing better. Love the dance moves, keep at it and you will master it soon,
puppy kisses, Sooky
We're SO glad you're back!!! And VERY happy that your lady's grandpa is home from the hospital!
Are we the only ones who were disappointed with "Dances With Wolves"? I mean -- where were the wolves? You'd think they'd have a big role since they had top billing. You two dance REALLY, REALLY good. You should make your own movie. We would watch it for sure!
Woo Woo Welcome back!! I am loving the tango. My mom is a ballet, tap and jazz teacher. She teaches me stuff like 2nd position. I just humor her!

Hey thanks for my comment on my blog. Yeah... I share with Tia ..sometimes. Did you check out the blog below it where she is dragging MY dog toy???

Welcome back!! I'm so glad to have you puppies back so Steve and I aren't the only littermate duo! We have to learn from you guys! Now I just have to see if Steve wants to do some dancing practice...

Oh you guys are back. :)
Hee... Macie & Malechai you are good at this tango thing

~ fufu
What would you like RooRoo, you name it, the sky's the limit!
Thanks Holly, the dip was the best part, harooo!
We agree Am, that movie was a total drag,there mighta been 1 wolf in it, not what a pup would expect with a title like that!
We're gonna keep trying Sooky, practice make perfect.
Hi Sitka, yes we saw the cat dragging off your toys, you gotta watch those cats, don't be fooled, they're ALL EVIL!
Show Steve how to do it Kat, then you guys can come dance with us, we'll have a regular "HoDown".
Thank you FuFu, looked to us like you were doing your own dance moves with your treat stick, woowoo!
Face Licks All & Thanks For the Warm Welcome Back!!!!!
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