Sunday, March 25, 2007


The Tide Is High...

Well the river, she's a risin'! We thought we'd do a little before & after, the lady is always so gungho for snow & she seems to forget that we live on a river that rises as the snow melts. (Sorry about the Blondie song, it's stuck in your head now isn't it, it is in ours, thanks to the stupid lady!) The rising river won't have any direct effect on us unless it gets above 28', then our basement takes on water & everything has to be put up on blocks & the carpet rolled up...The long & the short of it is that the evil cat nation would have to be brought upstairs, THIS WOULD NOT BE GOOD! We would either get stuck outside all the time or have to stay in the kitchen as we just can't help but chase them. If they wouldn't run like idiots, it wouldn't spark that prey drive thingy in us & all would be good. But noooooo, they have to act like paranoid skitso all the time! How it is that we're the ones that get punished for their disorders is completely beyond us!
On to squeakier things. So we saw that alot of you have these "cuz" toys, so of course, we clawed & wooded at the lady until she got us some. We have to say we're a little disappointed, it's a ball with feet but a ball just the same. And what are balls for, yes that's right, fetch. And what don't Huskies do? You got it, fetch, see where we're going with this. The funny part is that the lady isn't overly impressed with us not caring so much for them.
Now if she wants to continue to squeak them & throw them, we'll gladly pounce after them, but how many times do you think she wanted to "retrieve", ya, that game got old for her real quick.

It did end up clearing up & being a very nice day today though so we got to go for a nice long walk, that was great! The grass is getting green & there were all kinds of new spring smells (not to mention all the mud puddles that we got to splash around in!).

We better run for now, we want to go back outside before it rains again.
We'll woo again soon, M&M

Thanks for stopping by our blog and the sweet well wishes. We really appreciate it.

You guys are JUST gorgeous!!

Sloppy kisses,
Maryann & The Brat Pack
Your very welcome Maryann, we hope somehow, someway you can find the ability to overcome your grief & comfort one another.
Peaceful Wishes, M&M
Goodness, are you two looking GREAT! Glad to hear you don't fetch. Guess who DOES? Yeah... that's right ... the LabraDave. I mean, if mom WANTED it, she shouldn't THROW it, right? Strange! Anyroo... great pix of you guys.
Tail wags,
PS: HA roo roo roo! Guess what's stuck in Mom's head?
Wow you guys are so bewootiful, I hope I look as great when I grow up, Hope the river doesn't get too high, Puppy Kisses, Sooky
I wish I had a basement to which I could banish Wilbur. Instead, we have to try to live in harmony. Now that I've gotten bigger, Wilbur goes under the bed and I just have to bark at him because I don't fit under there anymore. This growing thing is so bothersome.

I can't believe you don't like your cuz toys! I like mine. I usually go get it when Mom throws it and then she chases me around to get it out of my mouth so she can throw it again. It's really the chasing with Mom that I like. Maybe you should try that. Of course, you two are probably like us and would rather wrestle than do anything else!

Personally, I do not care for any purchased toys. Nothing beats a good piece of trash.
M&M... I LOVE to fetch.. but mom got me one of those bad cuz things too... I don't like to fetch them too much. When she throws them.. I never know where they will land because of those darn feet!!!
Hugs, Sitka
Thank you Storm! That's our thoughts too, if you want it then why are you throwing it!
Hi Sooky, so far the river has held it's banks, thank dog!
Steve, if our lady would chase us with it, that would be a hole new game!
We're with you Magnum!
You fetch Sitka?! Shame on you, haroooooo!
Face Licks, M&M
OK, I'm totally stoked that I came to check your blog and saw my picture!! Woooooooo!!!

Thrawn from The Brat Pack
You are so lucky to get a Cuz!!! I sure wish I could have one!

Thought you might like that Thrawn!
Holly, PLEASE say you don't fetch!!! really that's all those things are is a ball with feet, not meant for us non fetching breeds, you're not missing anything, as a matter of fact, would you like us to send you ours?!
Face Licks, M&M
Mama got me one of those cuz things too, and I have no interest in it at all. I mean, it's cool when Mama squeaks it and when it's sailing through the air. But after that I just don't want it.
I don't like any toys at all unless they're chewy treats like bully sticks!
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