Saturday, March 24, 2007


One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other...

Haroo every pup & fufu! Some of you have been posting about your "parts" so we thought we'd post some parts of another sort, dinosaur parts (or better the lack of). Can you find all the differences between the two (it's like that game they post in the comics sometimes)?Need a little closer look?!

This is what they used to look like: We think we've done a pretty good job keeping them intact, for the most part. So today the lady performed surgery on our critters for us, they've been in isolation for weeks due to their various injuries (missing wings, tails & holes in the head). And it's rainy & yucky out so she decided it would be a good day to fix us something to do. Other than things like this...
Yep, these be the ladies glasses, what's left of them anyway, we got a little bored yesterday while she was in the shower & well, they just happened to be within paws reach, soooo.... Ya, that didn't impress her too much. Hey, she should know better than that by now, come on! Well, we're off to "rehabilitate" the newly stitched critters properly.
Hope everypups day is drier out than ours! Macie & Malechai
Well, how d'ya like that? I left a comment and bloggie ate it! Anyroo... what are stuffies for if not for us to rip up? Ha roo roo roo!
Play bows,
PS: Can those dinos fly?
Did you take her glasses to remind her your stuffies needed repair? There is nothing like destroying something the humans like to get them on track with taking care of your needs.
Zim, not now that we "clipped their wings", woowooooo!
Yes Magnum! That's exactly why we took her glasses, hey it got her to fix our toys!
Face Licks, M&M
Go for the guts next time! It is so much for fun to de-gut them and get the stuffing all over the house!!

Funny you should mention that Holly, our lady was able to restuff one of those dragons with all the "guts" she had collected from other murders. Great minds think alike, haroooo!
Hi M&M,
I like what you did with those stuffies, I do that to mine too. I have an elephant that has had most of the stuffing ripped out. Nice job with the glasses too,
I like your work,
Puppy Kisses, Sooky
Oh yes... I love to remove parts of stuffies! That is one of the best things about having one, right?
Hugs, Sitka
Good post.
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