Monday, August 27, 2007


M&M's Very Angry Mom!

I just want to start this with an excerpt from Newsweek who is questioning the NAACP:

"But this is the same media scrutiny that all celebrities get. Paris Hilton was skewered by the media during her court proceedings. Do you think Vick is being treated differently because he's black?I think part of it is his celebrity status, but I think it's racially influenced as well. Obviously celebrities are scrutinized, but he has attracted scrutiny prior to this case for no other reason than because of his "thuggish" image. That persona may have turned some people off, and when people see that they assume you've done something wrong. He's definitely getting attention because of his celebrity, but in terms of people's judgment of his guilt, that's essentially racial profiling. He's been completely vilified. I haven't heard one commentator come to Vick's defense, even to play devil's advocate".

I think this type of media is what really drives me to the brink of insanity! This case sooo doesn't have anything to do with the fact that the man is black. It has to do with him being a very sick individual. The NAACP is always so quick to jump on "racial profiling" instead of just taking things the way they are, he's sick! A White, Mexican, Chinese or any other race of people would get the same public outcry that Vick is receiving for such cruel acts. It's almost like their way of trying to detour us from the case at hand by making it a racial thing. Bottom line is the man tortures what should be pets for pleasure. It may disturb me more that he says he didn't take any money for the wins "In his written plea filed last week, Vick admitted helping kill six to eight pit bulls and supplying money for gambling on the fights. He said he did not personally place any bets or share in any winnings."(which we all know is a lie) so that would mean he did this out of pure sickness. Note he admits to helping to kill 6 to 8 of these animals. Now he wants to apologize, I'll bet he does, given he's looking at not only the end of his career but up to 6 years in federal prison. I'd apologize too! I really believe this is Vick just showing his true colors, he was a thug before coming to football & now he's just a thug with lots of money. The NAACP makes a point to bring up his "thuggish image", hey walks like a duck talks like a duck, I say. People who are not thugs don't make a point to represent themselves as such.
I am an advocate of animals, they're kind of like small children, very innocent & unable to protect themselves, they look to us to be their caregivers, not to fight them to the death, or torture them when they don't win! I hope you all will join me in praying for Vick to get the maximum sentence out of all of this. He should be an used as an example for all the dogfighters out there, a lot of our children looked up to this man as a professional athlete & he needs to be held accountable for his actions. At least, maybe then, not all of those poor animals will have died in vain, if there can be some sort of retribution towards even one of the villains in this very sick sport!

The pups will return with happier thoughts soon, I have to admit, I've become a little obsessed with this all. To the point of bad dreams & the whole 9 yards. My mind just can't process how some humans can be so very sick, the things that are done to these animals are truly unthinkable in a "normal" mind. I've started another blog elsewhere to get these issues out but just had to post my thoughts here as well knowing the outrage that you all must be feeling too. I've always kept this blog a very happy & positive place so I won't continue to rant here about this, I just hope that justice will be served upon this man as well as all the others out there like him. Thanks for listening! M&M's Mom
Wooooooooooooooo! We are so glad to see woo guys back on line! We missed you like crazy!
Michael Vick. Hrumph. Maybe he should get 6 "dog years" in prison -- for each dog he tortured to death.
AMEN SISTER!!! I'm right there with you. Color and race have nothing to do with the fact that he tortured these animals. I agree, only SICK people could possibly do such a thing with no consciance! Funny how they report he has "found God" during all this. He may have found him, but I sure as heck hope God spits on him and sends him somewhere extremely hot, where HE can be tortured for eternity!

Hey, I am glad M&M will be returning soon!
I have not checked your other blog yet, but I received an e-mail lately that might interest you. It brought to my attention the sale of dog fighting and cock fighting material on I previously used frequently, but not since I searched the term "dog fighting" and found books and videos describing how to breed, torture, and fight animals. Maybe you can have another rant.
Woooo M&M's Mom! Nicely said!

Glad to know you all are ok. Have been missing ya!

I'm with you Dave! There ought to be some sort of comparable punishment.
Holly, I would have to tell Vick that God was never lost & that he better hope the legend isn't true about Huskies gaurding the gates of Heaven!
Thank you so much for the news Magnum, you can bet our account will now be canceled with Amazon as well! Not to mention, I will pass this along to anyone who will listen.

Thank you Sitka, the pups have been missing you all too, I have to stop taking up their blog time with all this neggativity, they're sure to retaliate soon, lol!

Again everyone, thanks for listening to me rant!
M&M's Mom
Welcome back M&M! We agree with your mom!

Also we saw your comment on our blog about fostering. We, especially Kat, have had a lot of trouble adjusting to having another dog in OUR house! It's been really hard to share when we've been together since birth and another dog just showed up! I wonder if you would have the same problems. However, living at our house has helped Ulee a lot, so it was worth it, even if Mom was completely stressed out!!

Steve and Kat
Oh I didn't know about this Vick guy. But he sounds really evil. I hope he gets punished as heavily as possible

~ Girl girl
Don't worry M&M Mom, my human woman has a blog for ranting too, but she refuses to reveal its name.

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