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Wooowoooo everypup & GirlGirl, just a quick posting for now, we were going to post about frozen treats & Macies destruction of our ladies stuffed husky but we've just received some photos that are far more worthy of our posting time today. These are from our humans friend Beth (whom we've wooed about lots), well actually her Mom, anywoooo, recently Beth's Dad went to Alaska & made a special point to go check out Susan Butcher's (God rest her soul) place & her dogs & took pictures to bring back for us, wooooooooo, thanks Jim! So here goes, we'll start with Susan's place... We don't know who the human is in the picture, but it wasn't about her anywooo, so we guess that's OK. Pretty cool place (but where's all the snow, that human has on a tank top!). Next are some really cool scenery pictures we want to share also, we're wooing pretty hard at our lady to take us to Alaska, she'd go tomorrow but the man doesn't seem overly excited about the idea (we told him we'd fight off any polar bears that came our way (we Huskies can do that ya know)).
Doesn't this look refreshing, that would be our kind of vacation!
See the seals in this one, here get a closer look....
Pretty cool, eh?! Then lastly, check these big dudes out, they should hook these up & let them pull us Huskies through the iditarod, haroooo!

Well, hope you all enjoyed our "show & tell", we sure did!

Face Licks, M&M

Wow M&M... those photos are awesome. I love the ones of Susan's place. How special!

Thanks for sharing with all of us!
Haroo Sitka! We didn't think it was right to keep them all to ourselves! Only thing that would've made them better is we would've been there taking them.
Face Licks, M&M
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