Thursday, June 14, 2007


Saturday, In The Park........Feels Like the 4th of July

Haroo everypup & GirlGirl! We just have a minute before the lady boots us off but we wanted to post some pictures of last Saturday. We got to dogsit our friend Maggie for the whole day! Check her out, we love this dog!It was hot but we all stayed cool in our pool!

We even shared our big bones with her (they're as bis as her, harooooooo!)Well, kinda, then Macie relized "Keep Away" was more fun.

Of course all good things come to an end, then our lady had to finish a perfect day with the evil furminator. Don't we look thrilled?!

This was just the pile from the right side of Macie's butt, we wanted to show you all the fur she "ripped" out of us, but we like to try & eat it (hey, it's ours) so she had to pick it up as she went. Needless to say, that purple shirt of hers was a bewootiful shade of white when all was said & done. Gotta run for now, have a great day all!

Face Licks, M&M

The FurMinator is EVIL! It's EVIL! I should know .... I just had it used on my fur, too. :( It's MY fur; why does Mom keep taking it!?!?
We here ya Am! Those silly humans. We do have to admit, it does feel kinda good getting some of that extra fur off though, shhhhh don't tell our lady!
Face Licks, M&M
Oh you 2 are such good dogsitter to your friend Maggie. :)
What alot of fur your mum got off you

~ girl girl
Thanks girls girl, we love her! You shoulda seen all the fur (not even counting all of it we managed to eat).
Face Licks, M&M
Oh, I HATE to be brushed! Oh, your friend Maggie looks awesome. Is she a Rat Terrier? I have two of those who live by me. They are fun to play with!
Holy Dinosaur bone, where did you get that gigantic thing????? That looks TOTALLY yummy!

Bummer you had to end such a perfect day with the furminator! That thing is evil! Make sure, that when you play in the pool, you immediately run over to your humans and SHAKE madly! They deserve it!

I can't believe your mom ruined a perfectly good day by brushing you! She should be reported to the animal abuse hotline!

My mama ruins fun days like that too. She says I am easier to brush when I am tired. Oh, sure, brush me when I am down.
Hey! M and M! Stormy let me answer your question about asparagus and brussels sprouts today! Check it out!
Play bows,
Keep away is one of the best games! I like smaller dogs too! My mommy makes me be nice to them and she says "easy" an awful lot if I try to wrestle.
all your fur is falling out. Harrrrr
Cap'n Maverick the Pirate
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