Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Shhhhhh, Be Vewy Vewy Quiet We're Hunting Wabbits

Harooo everypup & GirlGirl! Today on our walk, we got to go back in the woods. We don't get to do this everyday, it just depends on if the lady gets up early enough. We like it in the woods , you just never know what you might get a chance to drag her down the trail over. Specially when we get her up REAL early & her eyes are barely open, then she's not nearly as coordinated & easily pulled. Enough about the human though, we were pretty sure we smelt a "wabbit" so we had to check a little closer.Is it, could it be? Gotta look a little closer....No, nadda, nothin'! Not even a cricket (those are always fun to chase). So back home we headed. On the way we did see this funny critter, can you see him? Yep, it's a duck, right in the middle of someones yard. We thought this was kinda funny, it's not even on the river side, just out taking a stroll, so we said harooo & kept on going. Then a little further down the lane are the dogs we've wooed about before, they're the ones that don't seem too friendly, they make us whine & carry on. They don't say haroo in a nice way so we've never gotten to officially meet them. The poor things are always in this little yard or in the house, we don't think their humans have been trained right as we never see them going for walkies. Last we wanted to show you all the present we got from our friend Maggie's humans (well they gave to our human) for dog watching her a few weeks ago, wasn't that nice?! It kinda looks like us, our lady said even when we were first born we probably weren't this small, woowoo! Well that's all for now puppers, the lady has to get ready to go to that stupid work place again. Have a wonderful day & stay cool!

Face Licks, M&M

Your walk makes me feel so jealous. The woods look AWESOME! I wish I had woods right by my house.

Wow, cool walk! I have seen a wabbit once in my yard.... except I was inside at the time :( no chance to even think about chasing it. Hey, that is a cool stuffed siberian your human got!
Come on over Steve, we'll share our woods with you & Kat (you'd have to leave Wilbur at home though, harooo).
No chance of us chasing wabbits either Sitka, later this week we'll post new pictures of our stuffed Sibe, needless to say, it doesn't look like that anymore, we kinda got ahold of it, oops!
Face Licks, M&M
Cool walk, roo guys! I'd love to go with you!
Ammy likes that stuffy toy - it's really cute.
Hey! Storm said YES, you guys are now Troopers in the Ao4! Email us for the cool animated gif for your sidebar!!!
Play bows,
Woowoo Zim! We wish you could come with us too, we would have lots of fun! We will post about that poor stuffy this weekend, it's not so cute now (thanks to Miss Macie). And haroooo for making us part of the A04 Troopers!
Face Licks, M&M
Woo. Did the stuffy bite the dust?
We're really glad you two are Troopers! It wouldn't be the same without you!
Hey - I tagged you in the new tag game. Hope you don't mind. Stop by our blog for details!
Woo Dave, yep, dead stuffy! Tahnks for the tag, we'll go over & check it out.
Face Licks, M&M
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